Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Friend and New Projects

My friend Adrianne over at Little Bluebell knows that I adore Kate Spain, yes,but the girl decided I had to have some of Kate's stationary too!!

I have the urge to transfer all my addresses into the Kate Spain address book NOW!  Oh and the magnetic note pads can't wait to starting writing on those too;)

Thank you sweet friend, Adrianne!!! 

Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling to really get to work on a project---even if it was almost 10 at night??
Not naming any names,but these 6 credit card slots were cranked out of my studio last night.    Weird.

Well,I still need that zipper..off to Joanns tomorrow for some notions and Kona.  
Time to finish her off,along with these potholders for a friend/client.

Square in square pattern.  New to me,but I rather enjoyed piecing them.  Easy does it!  The fabric line is Ready Set Snow by Me and My Sister Designs.  A little whimsical and very fun to play with indeed!!  (especially since I won it in a giveaway!)

I have a Christmas print for the back on these,but I wanted to show it to ya'll to see if you recognize the designer.  The selvedge is missing:(  I really love it though!!  Maybe I need to search online as well.

P.S.  Ayden had his first tumbling class yesterday.  He had a real good time jumping up on the balance beams,up and down on the trampoline and we did some exercises in a circle with the teacher!   Next time I am taking some pics for sure!  I think he is going to outgrow this 2-3 yr old class real quick though.  He is almost 4 , but that is great cuz that just means he will be roaring and ready for the next age group at the beginning of next year!! 

That is it for now. I will take at ya'll real soon!


Jessica said...

How much do I love those Kate Spain goodies? A lot I'll tell you :) The potholders are so cute, good luck with all your commission work!!

Teri Strange said...

Hey GIRL!! YES, I know the "just getting started on a project" at 10pm feeling!! You do BEAUTIFUL work- any time day or night!! ♥ Glad your tumbling class went well! Can't wait to see pics- give the little man big HUGS from ME!! XOXO

Terriaw said...

What a cool surprise to receive from a blogger friend! I love Kate Spain designs too - have never seen her stationery - so cool. Love the new SNS project you've got going on. I always thought that was a fun block to make.