Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your hands will thank you

I had some rows of  a zig zag pieced strip left over in my closet for a month.  I thought to myself these would be a perfect match for some potholders.

Now I have made some of these guys several times and each time I go through the process, I learn something new each and EVERY time.  Honest.

Maybe not perfection this time because that would be a tad pious,but they make me grin:)

These are in red and black as you can see and the red happens to be my kitchen accesorizin' "go to" color these days. 

 Anyone adore these as much as me can purchase them at my Growing Stitches Shop.

Inside there is Warm and White batting and Insul Bright to prevent ouchies;)

These can also be made as a custom order at one's request.


Terriaw said...

Great potholders! They are such a nice splash of color in the kitchen. Great idea to use up pieces leftover from a quilting project.

Jessica said...

Cute! You could totally have one in each color and have a very colorful kitchen or kitchen drawer :)

Paulette said...

Very cute! Love the black & white and red & white themes. I hope they sell like hotcakes (get it, hot?)! :)

Sarah Craig said...

I love these!!! Very stylish..... whoop whoop!!!

Rebecka said...

Your black and white potholder is great. Love those colors together. Great addition to your shop.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What great theme potholders!

Happy Turtle said...

They're very nice.