Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A giving heart is a blessed heart

I found this great idea on one of my favorite blogs otherwise known as Laundry on the Line.  Just had to take this on because who doesn't love doing something for a great cause and then to top it off, it involves sewing?!  Count me in.  You should check it out too ya'll!  Now just what to make for this project....hmmmmmm;)  Then make it three times for three different recipients---wooowhee it's going to be a wonderful ride.  Pay it Forward ya'll!  

Respond on here in order to get a handmade gift from me---I am making gifts for the first three people to respond--first three.  Come on---- it will be sooo much fun!!!  

Then post the Pay it Forward button (that is on my right sidebar here) on your blog and get three people to join on your blog whom will each receive a handmade gift from you.

BTW, Happy New Year ya'll and I hope your year has started out with new adventures and new discoveries that are opening new doors in areas that you just have to dive right into:)  So happy to be blogging right into the New Year and realizing that I am going to be at my One year mark in March.  I have been debating with myself as to whether or not I should do a giveaway in March.  Furthermore, we will be moving out of state to NC smack dab right in the middle of this celebration.  With that in mind, I am aiming toward----just playin' it by ear from here on out folks!!  Please be patient with me here :)

I had a wonderful and amazing Christmas with my family.  I truly believe my son enjoyed every second of it and the gas log fireplace in our rented town home didn't hurt s well *wink,wink*.  We were able to spend Christmas up in TN due to our amazing in-laws!!  It actually snowed up there on Christmas and was still snowing as we drove back to GA.  Glorious, just glorious!!!  TN is such a beautiful state with the rock formations, mountains, trees, trees, and more trees, very tranquil.  Maybe.  Just maybe.  Just maybe someday;)

There has been a Great deal of sewing going on in between too and some fabric being snatched up as well here and there.  I FINISHED the girly, girly Rainbow Sherbet quilt for my friends daughter (can't believe  I am saying that).  This is giving me goosebumps as we speak----I HEART quilting soooooo much!!!!  I even added some special touches I will have to show you soon.  My camera has been stolen---by my hubby that is.  He is in AZ for a bit for school and wanted to do some photography while there.  How could I tell him no!  He is a terrific photographer, btw!  So I am bribing my friend, Steph as we speak to come over and photograph away.  OOOOh and also, I did this one in free motion too---very excited for you to see that especially8)

I also did an embroidery swap with my BFF, Steph and we exchanged our gifts on New Years Eve.  I embroidered a Christmas scene on each side of a kitchen towel and then added a blue snowflake border on each side.  Really pretty.  We also exchanged laughter, wine, pizza and truffles and enjoyed some good old Alfred Hitchcock movies.  It's a wonder  my stomach didn't hurt after all that fun!  Best time ever;)  Thanks for the chance to do that Steph:)  AND I cannot wait to show you what she created for me----breathtaking and very personal.  It is hanging above my sewing machine table for me to always gaze at with a smile:):):):)

Meanwhile, I have been cutting more 1.5" strips for a postage quilt I am eager to get rolling.  There is never a shortage of ongoing projects is there??! Without further ado, I also have a quilt top in a closet upstairs that needs tending to as well:)  AND, I am finishing up a new wallet for myself that I am so very proud of overall.  I broke into my layer cake of Plume Tula Pink for some yummy prints and then threw in a couple other prints that I am not sure who the designers are really-lol.  Nonetheless they are tooo sweet.  NEED a camera soon I know. I know.

How could I forget I am also roaring to get going on a baseball quilt for my brother, Brian too.  My head is spinning---geeesh!  Loving every second though.

Time to go for now------and finish that darn wallet(tutorial here).

May your year be filled with lots of finished projects;)



Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea. Count me in!

Stephany said...

lol and you just reminded me that I want to do a postage stamp quilt as

Anonymous said...

I think it is a wonderful thing to do!
I will like to join, just I won't be able to blog about it until sometime over the weekend and also that since I'm a bit tight on time doing some BOM's and a SAL and my 2011 Use Your Books challenge my gifts will be a perhaps a bit little in size but definitely something cute and heartfelt ;-)... if is that is okay then I'm in!