Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy as a Daisy

Amy Butler's Daisy Chain (daisy bouquet / indigo) and the handles are Happy by Jennifer Heynen

The bag was FMQ in stippling and the inside is lined with muslin and  I used a combination of Heirloom batting and Warm and White pieced together from many,many scraps:)  There is a zipper in light blue on top and a side, pleated pocket with a dark blue zipper added.

Overall, a few adjustments were made here and there or rather some minor fudging going on, BUT I LOVE THE RESULT!!!  I learned more about zippers, how to add a pleated pocket and all about adding straps to a bag.  OOH and how could I forget, I learned about reading a pattern more successfully. This bag took me 10hrs and so over a span of 3 days I created something versatile and quite pretty. That makes me smile and truly love sewing.

I had worried that this bag wouldn't be done in time for my bible study Spring Retreat on the 28th.  I really amaze myself sometimes ya know:) 

Take care ya'll,



Paulette said...

Nice bag! I love the fabric you used.

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Great bag Sara!!

Stephany said...

that bag sure is cute! The model is too, but maybe that's just

craftytammie said...

awesome job!