Friday, December 16, 2011

No red and green this time around :P

This time I made a little vintage looking yellow,orange,pink,green and blue number. Creativity arose from scrap bed linens and a little Dream On thrown in there.

Quick project to release some of the urge to create with fabric for a bit!

Out came the pretty colors of finca threads......

All crinkly from the dryer.

some Kona orange and a Denyse Schmidt print...such a versatile print to tie it all in too I feel.
This was so fun to hand embroider along all the little seams of the triangles and squares throughout the bow tie pattern;)

Then I did some machine quilting in dark blue Sulky thread to hold it all together.

Bow tie Mini will be in the shop today.

I did a little hand embroidering on some Tula Pink fabric as well in the past couple of weeks.

Sorry about the unclear words on this on it for a better view;)  I is supposed to say I will obey,right away,every day, in a cheerful way.  It's a little phrase Ayden and I are using to instill obedience into Ayden in our Christian home.  Something light,easy and fun to say!

Besides quilting and embroidery.....

we have been celebrating the birth of Jesus coming soon on Christmas through this Advent season. 

Ayden enjoys lighting the candles each night;)

Enjoy your to decorate the tree and show off my new tree skirt underneath it.  I will have to come back with some pics for ya'll to see.


Sarah Craig said...

I love your little mini quilt - such pretty colors, and your quilting is perfect! Whoop whoop!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun project! Love your handwork accents! Whoop Whoop!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous, Sara, as always! And I adore your hand-quilting. Let's have a swap soon, shall we? (January?)

Suzanne said...

What a pretty quilt! I love your use of embroidery.

craftytammie said...

love the bow tie quilt! and that ds print on the back is one of my faves - so cheerful! take care, have a merry christmas!

Kim said...

I love the vintage look of your quilt and the orange is striking. Love it! Whoop Whoop!

Carla said...

Very pretty mini! I've been quilting the same way and it's always lots of fun and makes for quick work.