Friday, December 30, 2011

My handsome boy;)

At Christmas right before the wrapping paper storm hit.....(showing off his new Camo jammy bottoms from his Uncle Christoper and Aunt Alissa here too.)

silly boy:)

Dinosaur sandwich cutter (has been used for a few sandwiches already)

 We did Christmas with daddy on Skype this year due to his absence overseas for the military.  So in this pic he was looking at daddy on the computer screen showing off his new Thomas train set from Grammpa and Gramma Strange.

Ayden got all into it here.  He got Leap Frog Tag and some Tag books from my dad along with some bath toys from his other Gramma and Grammpa you can see in the pic here.

This was the BIG hit though (no pun intended) lol;)

"Mommy I got drums.  Mommy I got DRUMS!!!"

I think some lessons are in order;)

Everyone has had their try at the drums too around here.  Who can help it?  They are really fun and a great stress reliever!

Gosh this little boy fills my heart UP.

Happy New Year ya'll!!!


Paulette said...

He's such a cutie. I so want to try out that drum set too! :) Happy New Year, Sara!

Jessica said...

Aww! I love that dinosaur sandwich cutter! :) Your boy is precious. Have a wonderful New Year! :)