Saturday, July 28, 2012

Assorted Flavors


Orange Crush


Pina Colada

Strawberry Blonde


Berry Blue

a few of the varieties of Jelly Belly's over 50 flavors to tempt your taste buds with bite after bite=)
Jelly Belly is about 45"x48" and full of color!!!  Noteworthy of its name!  Scraps from many quilts past all jumbled up into sweet square frames with some white Kona to make for a bold statement.  Now isn't that like a jelly bean's behavior?  Tease you with their individual sweet, sugary flavor so you keep wanting to stick your greedy little fingers back in that box/bag a second, third,4th time for a  burst of flavor! 
 Likewise,with this quilt I keep gazing at it, I see another piece of fabric that is so pretty and holds a bit of mystery in its tiny self.  Fills me with more happiness.  Fulfillment with another quilt.

With a Peach Mango Smoothie in hand (my nightly snack lately is always a very yummy smoothie of some sort which I highly recommend for any grumbling tummy around 8pm or so) I got to basting...........and

 watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics of course.

How is that for a backing?  Seems fitting to me=)  All the little colorful circles remind me of jelly bellys.  Bet you didn't guess that!!!! Of course Jelly Belly had to have some white Kona for the back too ya know.  Luckily, I had some scraps that were just the right length for the sides.  Really the white was the only thing that would do.  So once again the Kona white won;)

All this candy talk is making me hungry=P

There is also....
Dr Pepper
Green Apple
Island Punch
Sour Cherry
Sunkist Lemon
Red Apple

 .....oh you get the picture!

Go see for!



Miki Willa said...

I really like this quilt, especially the use of the other fabric when you ran out of Kona white. That really adds to the fun of the piece. The way to solve these little challenges is one of the fun parts about creating quilts that I really enjoy.

Impera Magna said...

Cool looking quilt ( don't need to go to the store to get jelly bellys)... it really draws you in to look at all the different fabrics... (stop thinking about it... no jelly bellys)... congratulations on the great finish... (yes, you do like the cinnamon best but no... you can't have any)... looking forward to seeing how you'll quilt it!

Thanks for mentioning my favorite candy... *lol*

Talin's Corner said...

Whoop Whoop. I just love scrappy quilts, you did a great job.

Amanda said...

Looks great! I love scrappy quilts. My favorite jelly belly is caramel apple...oh and the hot chocolate is amazing, and toasted marshmallow... I used to live by the factory in CA. It was heaven. I love jelly bellys.

Sarah Craig said...

Lovely quilt, Sara, and I love the name! Whoop whoop!!

Jessica said...

This is beautiful, Sara! You know how much I love rainbow :) Cute post, too! Is this quilt for you?