Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sunny Disposition

I pulled out a tutorial for a QST block the other night after Ayden had gone to bed and got to work.  I starched all of my triangles as was mentioned by Sew Happy Geek and started pinning and sewing to the beat of silence...ahhhhhhh.  Just the humming of my machine from time to time and the smell of starch in the air...intoxicating and satisfying.  Yes I am a quilter!

The first block I did my triangles were coming out like I was too sleepy or intoxicated with too much starch perfume?!  Ha!  I don't know, but they were not long enough.  I had to cut a few over.

Iused the red print in another quilt recently for my Aunt and I purchased it the craft show I went to a few months ago.  Can't recall the surprise there and without a selvedge guess I am flat out of luck.  I did sneak some more Tula in there with the green birdcage print and actually now that I think about it another print from the craft show in stripes. Lately,stripes have been luring me in.  They are simple and versatile.

The second block I decided or rather my seam ripper decided to have some fun with me. Sewed the individual blocks together and boom it hit me(yes. just. like. that.)  I had sewn the wrong pattern together and it looked real silly too let me tell ya:(  Out came Mr Seam Ripper and away I went to ripping out some threads.  It wouldn't have been too bad either,but this new cheap Coats and Clark thread I bought was too thick..maybe I grabbed the wrong white?  Trying to get through it anyway so I can check it out at Joanns again and see if I made a boo boo.  Boo boos are not only for the kiddos here!

Some Meadowsweet snowflakes,more red flowers and another unknown green peony or rose print.  I thought it was Cosmo Cricket,but no go.

Red and green block for what you ask?  July. early Christmas project??   You guessed it!!  No one said there was a rule against it so I am at it!

I have another block I found on Crazy Mom Quilts, AJ did for a QAL on her blog.  I don't know its specific name,but I am really excited to incorporate it into these 2 QST blocks for a runner.  This will be my 2nd runner now and I love it!  I have a dining room table, a fireplace mantel and/or a countertop to work with here folks!  Watch out!  hehehehe.......oh and I forgot also a foyer side table.  Aren't you bubbling with excitement for me??

As for my vintage sheets,they are going to a new home soon.  Some of them at least.  A nice reward is on the other end.  A swap made in heaven?  OR maybe quilt paradise?  My ISO on Flickr will be happy too:)

A couple days ago when it was dreary outside, still is,but besides the point,Ayden and I went off to Monkey Joes (kinda like a Chuckee Cheese's but nicer) he played and I had some off time to dabble on my laptop and then chase him around to get some cute pics.  All in a days work for another mommy of this world!

Two hours of freedom for him and I!!

See how red he is from running around.  Don't worry he was well hydrated;)

So many places to climb,jump in,laugh about and smile:):):) $7 CAN bring enjoyment!

We gotta stay fueled all these long,hot summer days too ya know.  Beside smoothies, we also eat a lot of fruit around here.  I think I mentioned that,but it is very true.

My hubby made this for us when he was home and it was sooooo refreshing that I decided I had to make it.  Well there are just way too many good,healthy things to make that I snatch from different blogs and such online,that I didn't get around to this specifically until yesterday.

Pineapple and Mango(papaya if you have it,I did not)
1/2 tsp salt(makes it really juicy sweet)
1/4 tsp pepper
clove of garlic crushed
2 tbspns lime juice freshly squeezed
mix it altogether and linger on every bite(it's an order!)

I have already had it with my steak last night,in a salad today and straight up sneaky bites straight from the container.  So very good!!

I also made this granola the other day.  The best I have tested so far.  Here ya go----->  If you like almonds like I do,like you crave them,then you are in for a treat with this stuff.  She used hazelnuts,but I used pistachios because it is what was in my pantry of nuts.  Yes we are a little nutty at times!  Now I need to restock the pantry which is surprising.  I had quite a selection.  They are such a great source of good fats and protein though.  OK I could go on,but I will leave you with that.  Eating healthy is becoming my new leash on life perhaps.  

I had a request from my dad the other day for some new sheets and a pillow case.  I found an excellent source online for the measurements here.  I also know I need 96" for the fitted sheet and 102" for the flat sheet.  What I don't know is if Joanns perhaps carries sheeting fabric.  Time to call those guys!  I found a store online too.  They have 122 count sheeting fabric.  What kind of count is that??  Another store online only had white.  Challenging for sure.

I am going to make it happen!!  Not only because it is for my dad,but well because he has been cleared of all cancer in his body.  Yep he had lymphatic cancer and they removed a lump in his neck.  Then another area in his leg I believe a year ago approximately.  Then they were a little worried recently again.  They were wrong.  God is GOOD!!  My dad doesn't have to go get another colonoscopy for another 5years now.  Praise Jesus!

Be blessed today and I hope you can turn some pretty fabric into something worthwhile!



✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Those Christmas pinwheels look fantastic! The fabrics look great together! If I started on a Christmas project now, I might finish by December, but maybe not...I am not a stellar finisher. Have a great night!

Impera Magna said...

Finding fabric to make sheets is a challenge to be sure.

A thread count of 122 means the number of threads per inch. 200 is a nice percale and would be smoother than 122. Some of the newer fancy sheets have 400 and up thread counts.

Have you considered using the wide quilt backing for the sheets?

My DD takes the girls to Monkey Joes during the summer to get them out of the house too.... definitely a necessity b/c we all get stir crazy staying inside in this heat.

Terriaw said...

Cool blocks! I love how different they look with the placement of the fabrics in different spots. I do love that sound of the humming machine too.

I adore making granola! I always use a recipe from Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten), and change the ingredients depending on what I have in the house.

Jessica said...

The pineapple/mango snack sounds delicious!! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas quilt. You have been busy! Nothing wrong with doing Christmas stuff now... in fact, it's encouraged :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

The smell of starch and the iron, the machine running AND the silence of the little one in bed. YES, sounds perfect.

Mama Spark said...

So happy to hear about your dad!! If you can only get white, you can dye it yourself ya know?

Quiet Quilter said...

I like the way the pinwheel stands out in one block and retreats in the's all in the placement....

Brandi said...

Your mango dish looks delish! You're off to a beautiful start with your quilt.