Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Relaxed Fit

As much as I don't want to admit it,  I like small pieces of fabric.

Days of browsing blogs and Flickr for quilts that use pieces bigger than 4" may become few and far in between.

You see with smaller pieces comes an urge to organize them neatly.

Sometimes I need to be in control of something!  Sue me!  If it takes a stack of cotton to do it---so BE it!

Full bobbins of pure white cotton can get this girl fired up for hours of sewing:)

The "building" part takes off in  full force;)

A movie during some sewing time never hurt me!  A Thousand Words  with seasoned actor, Eddie Murphy had me in stitches--absolutely not intentional as a pun (oops lol!).

Ah Trigger,my 7 yr old boxer and his resting place for our usual sewing night together after Ayden has gone night, night:)  5 rows pieced and 4 to go.  All done last night while discovering Law and Order reruns courtesy NBC online.  Score!

Double score when  I outdid myself by using Summerville by Lucie Summers Weave in coal for each of the 4 corners and the 2 opposite ends that are in the middle of the quilt top.  I came up with this when I decided I am not going to go get more Kona White for the 6 lousy 5 1/2" squares I was lacking.  Happens way too many times I tell ya.  Darn Kona White.  Darn it.

These will take all of your quilting dilemmas and squash them real quick if need be.  Any stress will suffice with these little jewels of decadent chocolate.  They are almost better than a new stack of pretty fabric.  Almost.

Almost better than a new color combo idea for a quilt?


Almost better than having hubby home for good????????????????(it has been about a year ya know)

Not a chance!!!!!  But, they are QUITE easy on the taste buds:)

Enough teasing.                      Try them out here.  

See what you think.

You will be sweetly surprised.

Get to some sewing!!!!

and chocolate..............quickly;)



Terriaw said...

Looks like a fun sewing project, especially with some tasty chocolate treats to keep you going through the night. What an awesome count down! Has it really been that long?

Anonymous said...

I can relate so well! It doesn't matter that I have 500 or so pieces of yardage in my house, more often than not I just want to sew tiny postage stamps or tiny scraps. And I ALWAYS end up running out of Kona Snow. Alway. I like your creative solution, that's what quilting is all about!

Happy Turtle said...

Oh I love the blocks... I've been saving all my little scraps. Lets see what becomes of them. :)

Kelly said...

I like the idea of small pieces of fabric, just not the reality. That quilt is going to look fab :)

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Way to go using up those little pieces! I'm always having to buy Kona white, too:)

Foolish Feathers said...

I love the little scraps you have piled up, I am loving more scrappy blocks these days as well!

Paulette said...

Love the bright and scrappy blocks! Is this your own design? I wanna make one!

I am also going to make those cupcakes. Thanks for the great recipe link. It's right up my alley, and I have been craving something baked and chocolatey. Reminds me of the "bean brownie" recipe I used to make.

Paulette said...

Never mind about my design question - I remember now! I blame the heat for frying my brain as I just pulled another 100 or so tree seedlings out of my backyard in 95-degree weather. Carry on...

Nat at Made in Home said...

Love the quilt, it makes the most of the Summerville fabric!

Susan said...

You are SUCH an organized quilter! Look at your stack! So neatly put together. Must learn from you!

Quiltn Mama said...

Fabric and chocolate..you can't go wrong with that combination! And I love the dog..we have a boxer named Lulu who loves to sleep beside me while I sew.

Captain StitchyPants said...

Love those blocks, they're so cheerful! I don't have many scraps yet, but I can see that I will and I'm keeping an eye out for good ways to use them.

Amanda said...

I really like small pieces of fabric too. I haven't used them yet, but am really looking forward to using them in a scrap quilt.

Darlington Delights said...

Popping over from #talknt. I enjoyed reading your post. I need some of your energy and organization!