Thursday, July 19, 2012

Labor of Love

There are many daily,weekly,monthly chores that we all undergo.  They may not be the most pleasant.

Picking weeds through out the back yard in the morning before it hits 90 degrees:(  There was also another garbage bag full too.  After that,cutting the grass.

 Mint water with some truvia for sweetness to quench the thirst afterward!  Please do try.  You will be rewarded nicely:)

There are some chores that may not even seem like chores at all!!!  Far from that.

Like putting this pair together into a 12.5" block using Hometown and some Bliss.  They do make for a lovely couple I think;)

No chore at all!!

I wanted to do a couple different star blocks that I have been eying up for some time.  I really appreciate their overall look when all pieced together.  There was around 1/2 yd of French General in my stash begging to be with the stars.  There ya have it.  French General dots will also be covering the back when I get back to it.

Been distracted with real life chores again...darn chores......but creativity wanted something else to focus on for a time.

Flickr ended up drawing me in and soon I was looking at scrap quilts that would use some of my scraps of course!  Organized hours of cutting seemed like my fix...weird huh?!  If you don't know I have been known to be a pretty organized type person;)  OR it goes back to You know you're a quilter if........(sorry had to go there!)  After about an hr...yes I was sucked into Flickr like I mentioned.  I found something that kept sceraming pick me,pick me you know you want to!  Oh you twisted my arm, you scrappy border quilt.  Yes I am hooked!  The tutorial was done by Rita over at,can you guess? Can ya?????

Red Pepper Quilts herself.  Here it is for inquiring minds.  Already on a mission too!

All the scraps are color coordinated.  Some containers have 2 colors going on.  This one is reds and purples.  I have gone through each color minus black and grey once.  I am going on my second round and plan on pulling 10 of each color to get to the finish line of 224 strips.  Each needs to measure 1.5x5.5.  I have 159 so far.

My ultra sleek sewing area for the moment.  I really truly love hanging out with the Aydinator (called him that since he was a baby cuz he nursed like crazy---get it---like Terminator and still call him that as long as I can get away with it or I get accused of black mail hehehehe)  I think he likes his mommy by his side too while he plays with his Angry Birds and soldier dudes (he calls them that) or watches one of his favorite shows.

Plus I can put up my feet once in awhile to take a break from cutting all the strips;)  Maybe sip some more mint water while I am at it.

Going through all my bins is so relaxing to me.  Kinda reminisce about what I used each piece for in the past and sometimes come across ones I really have enjoyed cutting into and piecing

After some chores tomorrow,maybe I can play with this.....

Won it over at Mama Sparks,my girl Pam's place and her friend, Cori @ Crazyquiltygirl!   Thanks Pam and Cori!!  I am thrilled to have it in my hands and I plan on making some binding with it real soon:):)

Maybe I will cut some more strips for the scrappy border quilt 1st though.

I can't help myself.

Addicted to quilting,



Terriaw said...

I'm not a fan of doing outside chores in this heat either. It's great to get them done in the morning before it gets too hot... and then you can play (er, sew) the rest of the day! Love your projects. And good for you for getting organized. It certainly helped my productivity, and I'm using more of my stash and scraps now.

Paulette said...

You had weeds to pull, I have trees! Hundreds of little sprouts popping up where we had a big tree cut down two years ago. Ugh. They are persistent, also the only think growing in the lawn. The drought has killed the grass (or made it go brown and dormant, whatever, it looks dead to me).

Love the quilt at Red Pepper you're using as a guide. Looks like a great stashbuster. Have fun!

Melissa Corry said...

Isn't it just so much fun to ignore the household stuff and quilt!! My husband is gone for the day so I am still in my pj's and have been quilting all morning :) Ya the yard needs work but it will wait :)

Mama Spark said...

So much cutting!!! I can't wait to see it in progress I will be following along.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Your strips look great all neatly stacked together. I think it's relaxing to get stuff in order too and remember what project I originally used it for.