Friday, September 24, 2010

A Couple of Catchups

Hi ya'll,

Haven't posted anything project wise in awhile so I figured I would get back into the game a little here:)

For some reason it took me forever to get this grocery bag dispenser done, but here it is and I am so glad that I have all the bags(with the help of Ayden) out from under my kitchen sink cabinets;)  Now they have a nice, handmade home for further use and it's came out huge so I can fit A LOT of bags in her.

after getting home I saw that this fabric matched beautifully with the binding I needed for the twin quilt
Two weeks ago I got to visit a fabric shop in town and boy do I love them!!!  They had a kids play area which was a huge plus so mommy could actually look around.  The ladies were so sweet and ofcourse, couldn't get enough of my sweet little boy;)  The best reason I have for loving this shop is that they are Christian operated.  There is evidence of that everywhere, not only in the workers, but in their actual fabric tagging as you can see here.  I also picked up a few fat eighths too for various projects.  Tina Givens, Moi by Moda and others.

Binding ready to go and is , in fact, sewn onto the front, hand stitching next:)
Do you remember this quilt?  The ticker tape quilt that was very time consuming, but in the end I love it and so does Ayden!!

each square/rectangle was pinked to prevent less fraying, but there still is some as you can see, so out come the scissors
Had to wash this bad boy two times in the last couple of weeks due to juice stain and then a sick child.  It has a nice crinkly feeling which I love, but what's not to love is the binding that was coming up on the back from my hand stitches in two different areas.  BUT I am happy it wasn't the whole thing:(  Instead of getting mad I went online and found a very useful binding method using a ladder stitch.  So I practiced away!!  This stitch definitely lays the binding fabric very cleanly across my backing fabric.  You can't see the stitches at all and there is that extra feeling of accomplishment and security in knowing that it shouldn't come undone anytime soon in the washing machine.

 Binding time for the twin size now!!!  And you can go check out the giveaway of Castle Peeps over at Talk About Fabric.

 See ya'll later,



Terriaw said...

Looks like you have been keeping busy and productive lately! I really need to make myself one of those plastic bag dispensers. They are so much more stylish than the box we have them crammed into for scooping the kitties' litter box. Love your ticker tape quilt too! How fun that it's being used and abused, and still looks fabulous!

Stephany said...

love the bag holder, I could certainly use a large one! :)
That blanket is ADORABLE! I want to make one now!!!