Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Speaking out for Tula Pink

Some of you know that I am a HUGE fan of Tula Pink---and I do mean huge!!  I love her style, the colors, the prints, it's so beautifully done:)  My favorite is-----WELL I would say Plume, but I really, REALLY adore them all!!!  Drooling over her fabric is about all I can do right now until I have some funds to splurge--whenever that is going to happen I don't know--BUT I know I would NEVER, ever buy a knock off of her fabric !!!!!!  That would be so degrading to the designer and she is my TOP designer as I have been repeatedly making known to ya'll;)

When I saw this post last night it really hit me that some people just don't give a DAMN about artist's and their work that is straight from their HEART!!!!!!  I hope Walmart goes down for this and I hope Tula can then rest easy and KNOW that HER WORK is HER WORK and not to be duplicated:):)

We have to keep supporting our Tula as sewers and quilters and artists of all kinds because the creative world would be very sad and lonely without them!!  Creativity is a MUST!!!!  God blessed us each with some sort of creative juices and we need to be able to express this without being mocked by others---WALMART!!

OK now that I have vented maybe I can go back to enjoying some fabric-----------------some of the real stuff---------------------some of Tula Pink;)

Take care ya'll,


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