Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Warm apple cider,cinnamon in the air,pumpkin farm to visit...

FALL is coming or wishful thinking on my part!!!

Here is a fall embroidery pattern I finished last night filled in (sort of:) with a satin stitch.  I liked working with different colors and fall colors at that! 

"A touch of Autumn" is written on top in a pale green and light brown color

I was going to sew it onto a towel of some sort, but I don't think the material I did this on is sturdy enough.  Next time need to use a quilter's cotton--hellooo!  Time to scour the internet for ideas on what to do with this for a nice fall decoration.  Suggest away please.

Ayden enjoyed himself at the park this past weekend with mommy and daddy.

You know I can't recall him taking a nap that day either!!

XX Sara


Terriaw said...

That fall stitchery is so pretty! Maybe it could be framed with some fabrics for a quilt block, or a sketch book cover, or a pin cushion, or a fall ornament to hang in the window, or a bread basket cover, or a shopping tote. Looks like a fun day!

Andi said...

Beautiful embroidery! First day of school tomorrow - to me, that means fall is definitely coming!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I wish that Fall would get here! It is still in the 90s over here.

I love how you made the embroidery your own by adding all of the Fall colors.

Thanks for sharing,

Ariane said...

I love your fall stitchery!! It's gorgeous!!!!! Love how you filled it in and used those wonderful fall colors. You could make it into a little wall hanging quilt. Or put it into a frame to hang on the wall. You can use it on a journal cover or make a nice fall pillow with it.

Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said...

When you do satin stitches, do you do the satin stitch first and then outline it, or outline first and then fill it in? I love what you've done - it's so cute!

John'aLee said...

Darling embroidered piece!