Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What is pink,blue,red and black??

OK so I have only been wanting to make one of these Anna Marie Horner pincushion caddies like forever now!!!  My good friend Terri and I did a pattern swap recently and it worked out really well for each of us-thanks again Terri!!! 

I used some scraps from the stash and the light blue was from a sheet.  The fiberfill was plentiful for this caddy--took lots and lots to make it plump, probably could have used a tad more;)  Hand stitching was easy too especially since I could sit with Ayden this morning to finish up the bottom of it.  I added some cardboard to the bottom to make it stiffer as well.
The pattern was very user friendly and it went together in about 5 hrs. which is good for me;)  Things always take longer due to my little guy and LIFE as I always say:)
Sidenote: the cardboard was actually left over from the pressing part of this tute so that worked to my advantage very well.

Every time I take a look at this pincushion it makes me smile BIG:):):):):):)



Terriaw said...

Yay, so happy to see your new pin cushion caddy! It turned out great. I love the fabrics you put together and the color combo. You are going to love how awesome this new sewing notion is because it holds all your vital tools in that center cup, while adorning your sewing table. Way to go!

Stephany said...

it is adorable! :) I'm jealous once again!