Friday, September 17, 2010

free motion or some straight line quilting?

went and purchased an open toe foot the other day!

This is what I have been playing around with the last couple of days for a few minutes here and there.  Learning that stippling DOES take practice and it may be awhile before I actually like the results;)  I have also played with stars and hearts which aren't too easy either.  All the same this is soo much fun to experiment.

lines are somewhat wonky- time will improve this though   

And then the straight line quilting came into play and well, I am really liking this a lot more since I am finally attempting it and not just looking at everyone else's work with this style;)  This was a starting point in the pic above, but when it was completed all the squares had nice pretty x's on them and the back is beautiful in red thread. 

So maybe a little straight line quilting will make me happy for awhile and then some free motion and so on and so forth- LOL!  ALL of  these quilting options are so enlightening to me!

Out of curiosity, which style(s) do you prefer?

Tomorrow is Art in the Heart, very happy to be going:)  I will report back with how that went.



Weatherbee ;) said...

Great job. I'm loving the free motion quilting too! Did you use a walking foot for your straight quilting or the darning foot?

Terriaw said...

Sounds like you've been having great practice sessions! At first, I preferred the free motion quilting, but lately, I seem to be more drawn to the straight line quilting. I like the modern clean look.

DuhBe said...

I love free motion stitching. It's like doodling with thread. Keep playing - it gets more fun as you get comfortable with it.

Ariane said...

I'm glad that you are trying the free motion quilting. It can be so much fun. The key is to keep the needle going at a good spead, but move your quilt sandwich slowly to make you design. Especially if you are using an older machine. I find to keep the tension good on older machines, you need to have your needle going faster. You don't need to do this on newer machines. What you should do is take a light piece of fabric and mark a simple stippling design on it and practice following the lines. Then you will get more steady with your hands and the stitching will flow more easily. I hope this helps. Hugs Ariane