Thursday, May 19, 2011

Building Muscles???

I made a new friend.  (She doesn't even know yet,he,he!)  Anyway, her name is Leila.  She is doing a FAB, I guess we will say a quilt along to build skillz as quilters.  My kind of show, so naturally I am joining in!  Practice does make perfect and so I am hoppin' on the bandwagon. 

How about you????  Do you want to hone your skillz and probably---- OH OK-- you will learn new ones as well:)  It starts June 17th and ends around May of next year---SOOO a year of fun block making--what quilter doesn't love that!! 

Goooooo see Leila @ sewnbyleila for more details.

Looking forward to it,


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DuhBe said...

Oops! close the window before I did the captcha! HEre's my comment again...

This sounds like a fun way to learn new skills, ENJOY! (and also, Leila is one of my favorite names)