Monday, May 23, 2011

Supply in Demand

Fabric Shack did me right with these Kona's:) 
Courtesy of Linderella's Quilt Works in Southern Pines,NC VERY cute shop and my first time in there to drool               


some red love for my brother's quilt and the white is just because we sewers ALWAYS need white-hello!
OH and I found my 2nd vintage sheet ever!!!!!!!  Sooooo happy about that.  These are soo hard to find.  It was tucked under an antique side table at a local antique shop downtown:)  A whole flat sheet for $5!  **big smiles**  I got huge plans for her;)
What have you splurged on needed lately that had to be in your hot little hands??!!

Great day to ya'll!



Sarah Craig said...

I found a great sale on some Central Park and Sunkissed that I picked up for a yellow/orange quilt; and a yard of the little girl on a swing fabric from Sherbet Pips for the center of the back of my granddaughter's Christmas quilt!

**nicke... said...

i am going to splurge on some tula pink neptune pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

Yummie goodies :-)! Congrats on your great vintage sheet find!!!
Honestly, I can't tell when a sheet is vintage of not... :-/. I've seen some at a nearby town's thrift shop and withhold from purchasing it 'cause I'm not able to tell :-(.

Anonymous said...

... forgot to add...
I recently splurged on the 1st two issues of Australian magazine Vignette by Leanne Beasley and on this Mini Pincushion stitchery pattern by Willow Valley Store.

Tissy said...

Your blog is just yummy!! I love it. Thanks for visiting mine!