Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Fun-Day!!

scrap fleece makes for an awesome dog bed and free stuffing of scrap batting,tiny fabric pieces,and 2 old pillows (snatched the stuffing)
Some raw edged applique with some perle cotton variegated thread

cleared the fleece out and so naturally I had to go get some more pretties ---wouldn't you?

I bought the DS dots in red/pink and green/blue and then after seeing her prints numerous times in blogworld I decided to go get these 2 as well in 1/2 yd cuts.  (I saw the turquoise print too the other day and now OF COURSE what will I be doing *I am innocent.* he,he I think:/)

Alexander Henry CALLED my name too:)  Hence the apple print, cherry blossoms and dots--NEVER have enough dots.  

Brian's baseball quilt is coming along and  I have cut 6" strips for a border as I type here.  I am thrilled with the simplicity so far and the manly effect of the Kona Marine.  Off to sew it on!


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Stephany said...

I also ran out and grabbed me some DS! I got one yard of two different prints! I am currently in the process of making something special for my girlie out of one of them! :) I am just loving all the summery prints, but never really know what to do with them when I get them! I got two charm packs of Sew Cherry too recently, and am just waiting to stumble on something "summery" to make with them! :)