Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What was I thinking?

Mess one block up completely: CHECK

Try again, this time with the aid of pictures from Sometimes Crafter: CHECK

Pretty block second time round: CHECK

Do we like paper piecing after 3 of these bad boys are put together?: CHECK and YES!

WHAT was I thinking then??

Probably that I was itchin' to try something new and this satisfied my creativity bug;)

BTW, I used tracing paper for the backing, a pen to transfer the pattern to, some fabric from a purchase @ Connecting Threads some time ago and away I went with my iron and trusty Janome sewing machine:)

I did the 3rd one last night.  One.more.to.go.  This will equal one pretty rockin' circle of geese block---yippee!!

Take care and see ya'll soon,



Paulette said...

Cool! I have wanted to make one of these myself for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project.

Melinda said...

I completely understand! I have learned that it does not hurt to review things before you throw them under the sewing machine! Cute block!

Terriaw said...

Wow, good for you for actually liking paper piecing after all that. I agree, Sometimes Crafter has the best tute for this method. Glad to hear you made it through to such great results!