Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat your Veggies!

The garden is starting to come to life so to speak!  Things are peaking up all over and I have been smiling oh so much lately:):)  

First off we added a fence into the mix to keep critters out (hopefully) and mainly my two creatures, MY dogs!!

The gate will be added soon;)

The other day I got to pick my first crop of veggies--the radishes!!  It was really exciting to think that I planted these seeds and they took off into something I CAN EAT:)  Maybe I have a slight green thumb?!

-Absolutely delicious-

-The leaf in the left corner is my squash that we planted in the center  of the radish "ring" this pattern is so the radishes protect the squash from bugs-
-A few spinach leaves have emerged,not too many though-
-a few more inches and these are up for pickin'-
-I planted some butterhead lettuce too yesterday and it should be ready in the beginning of August-love lettuce-
-Carrots are sprouting up in weird areas where I Did Not plant then as well:)  3 months for these guys though-
-another carrot-
-tomato plant that was in that cup of water I showed ya a few weeks ago, in the GROUND and ready to growwwww!-
-all three pepper types that we planted are sprouting, can't remember which one this is, maybe cayenne-
-peas please-
-the green sprouts are shallots-
-I am starting to experiment with a couple of these plants and pick the flowers off in hopes of getting bigger berries-
All the hay you see in the pics was laid down through out the garden to kill off some of the weeds and create a nice walking ground in between areas.

Hope I didn't bog ya'll down with too many pics, I had a lot to show off talk about!  Gardening can be soo much fun, so if you haven't already give it a try!!

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Andi said...

Your garden is looking great! It's always amazing to eat something you have grown yourself, isn't it?

Paulette said...

I enjoyed the virtual walk through your garden. Looks like things are doing nicely, and those radishes look delicious. I still let my dad do the vegetable gardening and I stick with flowers, though I did buy some seeds yesterday for oregano, cilantro, basil, and parsley. Now to figure out where to put them!

Kathy said...

Hi Sara, Great garden! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it! Kathy

Jen Price said...

Yum! Love fresh veggies from the garden.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Home grown vegetables - delicious!