Monday, May 16, 2011

Not for the eyes of Dot and my Mommy in Law;)

Wonky stars- GO FIGURE!!  I wouldn't do those again would I ?! 

Fabric: Kate Spain Central Park,Kona Red,Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet II, and the veggie print I wish I knew because it is SOOO darn cute (anyone know?)
Warm and Natural batting & Insul-Brite are inside which made the binding a tad tricky,but I conquered IT!
Quilting: straight lines using carpenter's tape

These are for Dot, one of my new friends.  That woman can do anything from what she was telling me in her email.  So I added the veggies because she likes to cook from scratch, can her own food, has chickens (I told you she does it ALL!) and the back is more of an elegant print I think because she likes to play the violin and I believe she can sing!!  Wow--right!  Anyway I hope she treasures them always and USES them-he,he!

One Pay It Forward down,2 to go!!!! I am finally getting on the ball a tad!

This cute little number is for my MIL,Teri----LOVE how it turned out, I am getting better a these wallets maybe LOL!
Fabric: Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet for the outside and inside "under" the pockets and zippered coin part and Castle Peeps for the pockets and zippered coin part
I am really liking the button I picked out to make that hint of blue pop some:)
The pattern was super simple!!  My FIL bought it in WI and sent it to me with the request that I make it for my MIL.  OF COURSE, she is a sweetheart---- so in a heartbeat!!  I could not keep it from ya'll though as you can plainly see:)  She is coming in July so she can see it then-he,he!

Two more Pay It Forward's now, started one with a new block design which I am falling head over heels for!
Baseball quilt for brother is patiently waiting on one of my tables ready to get some new threads on it;)  Soon!

Time to go hang out with the fam tonight!!

Night ya'll,


P.S.  Linking this up yo Quiltstory, go check out the others whom have joined!!


John'aLee said...

Love, love that wallet! It looks like something you would buy from a store it is so perfect!

Jane said...

So cutie patootie, all of them! Especially like the wallet.

Terriaw said...

Love those wonky star blocks! Looks like a fun little project to whip up for gifts.

Tanyia said...

Your pot holders are gorgeous, way better than my awful binding fail lol. Love your wonky star design as well! And that wallet is FAB! How sweet!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Adorable wallet!

Spontaneous Threads said...

love all of it.

littlemissmk said...

love these- so pretty. i just completed a wonky stars quilt- they are fun! :)

AsylumTanya said...

I love the idea to use carpenter's tape to help quilt straight lines! I am your newest follower. Come over to Greetings From the Asylum and follow me too!

Karen said...

Love your choice of colors and I really need to try the wonky stars. I'm a bit wonky myself :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! By the way...I'm your newest follower!

Jessica said...

Those are both lovely! The wallet looks tricky!