Sunday, August 22, 2010

DMC pulled through

So I guess I can't complain too much about DMC thread company anymore!!   What you ask prompted me to bring this up randomly?  Well--let's jsut say I was working on an ornament for a certain someone last month and I was using red thread.  I had a stain on the white fabric and naturally wanted to get it out immediately.  Got the stain out, but then after the fabric dried there was a light red tinge!  Yikes!  Is that supposed to happen??  long story short---I emailed the DMC Co. and after 2 or 3 emails someone sent me this NICE email back.  Here it is:

Hello Sara,

We thank you for continued support of DMC products.  This is a highly unusual occurence.  Never-the-less, we at DMC stand behind our products and want to resolve this to your satisfaction.  May I suggest you first try to wash it yourself using these directions.  Many expert needlework designers and stitchers use Orvus soap to wash their needlework projects.  It is  sold at (1-800-772-2891).  Some other needlework stores sell this brand also.  It is a very gentle soap and is recommended for cleaning needlework.
When needlework projects need to be cleaned, use cool to slightly warm water and about one teaspoon of the Orvus in a sink (kitchen) full of  water.  Gently move the piece in the water or sometimes let it sit if it is necessary.  Then gently wring it out and rinse it as many times as necessary to get the soap out of it (until the water is clear.)  Use almost cold water to rinse the piece.
When you are satisfied that the piece is thoroughly rinsed, roll it in a bath towel (you may have to use a couple of towels) to get most of the water out. 
Press it while it is damp, right side (design side) down on another heavy terry cloth towel.  Continue to press it on the wrong side (back) until it is dry and looks like you want it to look. Here again you may have to use several towels.  (The towel keeps you from flattening out your stitching.)


Ask Ms DMC

I think the problem is NOW solved---so long live DMC!!!! 

OH BTW, go check out Sweet P Quilting and Creations  and maybe you OR I will win an ACCUQUILT.  It would be sweet bliss now wouldn't it my dear quilting friends!

I have nothing else for ya'll as I had a Pampered Chef party yesterday (what a flop) and then visited for many wonderful hours with my good friend Steph:)  Although if  any of my virtual friends would like something from Pampered Chef just let me know and I would be happy to help;)

Today I think I caught a little sore throat and just plain tired :(   So that is my story for the day!!:)

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Terriaw said...

That was a great response! I would have never known how to wash a stitched piece. Nice to hear big companies like that respond. Wouldn't it be great to win one of those Accuquilt cutters?!