Monday, August 9, 2010

A little pain, for a lot of REWARD!

This is what happens when you hand sew a wall hanging quilt--NOT EVEN a stinkin' lap quilt here folks:/   I even hand sewed the binding on the back with slip stitch and then running stitch over that .  The binding was being tricky on this project.  My fingers could us some TLC, but overall I am happy with the results!!! 

Since my dad reads this (ahem daddy,yes you!) I will NOT be posting any pics until it's on it's way:P  Hope to have it out on Friday and on its way to WI!!

In other news, sometimes it pays to bitch complain;)  My cutting mat that I use currently was splitting in several sections only after less than a year.  So I decided to put Fiskars company customer service to the test.  Within 2 weeks they mailed me a brand new mat, little smaller, but hey it was FREE.  How's that for service folks?!  Now I have an extra and I can wash the other in soap and water to keep it in better shape perhaps;)  He,He.
Enjoy your evening!!



Andi said...

Good for you! Can't wait to see the pictures! I haven't tried hand-quilting yet, but definitely want to!

Stephanie said...

Good for you for complaining about your mat and getting a new one. My mat wasn't a cheap one and it's really gotten pretty lousy, and it too is less then a year old. Although I'm still trying to figure out how to keep my rotary blade sharp! That darn thing gets so dull so fast.