Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Forgot to take a pic of the pincushion bunny I created (before it was shipped) for my July Ornament Swap person, Rebecka:)  So here it is for you to see;)  I used some vintage buttons for the eyes and embroidered the nose, mouth, teeth and (don't know if Rebecka saw the tail) the bunny tail on his/her bottom.  This was my first dabble at a pincushion and I am thinking another one is going to be in order VERY soon!  Sew much fun to make them.

OK so I decided to try my hand (no pun intended!) at hand quilting.  The "victim" is the US flag I have been working on for almost a month now.  I am using Perle cotton and size 9 needle.  I have also tried other needles and thimbles too.  I just can't seem to work the stitch with that thimble in on the action.  Furthermore, I have stubbornly resorted to my own way which is working for me:P  He, he!  I am thinking of a Sulky thread for the dark blue area and Guetermann thread for the white area and red area well because that is what I have currently and the Perle thread is hard to get through the fabric dawg gone it:)  It looks really nice for the star blocks so I figured let those "shine" and then everything else doesn't have to stand out as much.  That was my thought at least late last night.  Pic to follow soon, promise.

Have a fantastic Wednesday--the week is almost through!  Be joyful in everything!



Terriaw said...

This package you sent to Rebecka is so gorgeous and wonderful! I love the little embroidered hoop and the card with her name on it. That bunny is especially precious!

Sara said...

Thank you:) What did you make for your partner?

Rebecka said...

Thank you so much for my package. I love everything you made. I posted two more photos on my blog of the bunny you made. Handmade is really the best and I appreciate all your stitching. You do beautiful work! :)

Ariane said...

What a great little package! It looks wonderful. I love the embroidered ornament and the pincushion is adorable.