Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wrapped in sheets of gold

Well what do I mean??  I just received 2 pretty little packages Mon. of vintage sheet scraps from my friend, Amanda @ little cumulus .  You have to get some from her because it is sooo worth it!!!!  They are so much fun to look at and see what kind of lovely designs are printed on each one.  Vibrant patterns.  Flowery.  FUN!
the far left flower is one of my faves
big flowers equal happiness!
see the dotted rose and that butterfly:)
heart petals make me smile
Sewing thoughts are whirling in my head once these arrived:)  Wall quilt or a pieced back for a quilt top, hmMM.  At least I have a small stash going now and I an start brainstorming a tad.

Thank you Amanda for allowing me to dream!

See ya'll,



DuhBe said...

These sheets are SO pretty. Whatcha gonna do with 'em. Do I forsee show and tell in your future??

Andi said...

Beautiful! I love that floral pattern too. Have fun dreaming!

Terriaw said...

Such lovely prints! Great idea for a pieced quilt back!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I am so jealous of your scraps! Such cool colors and prints! Quick hide them before I snatch them from you :0)