Monday, October 18, 2010


 Terri of  Sew Fantastic had a great idea recently that she posted on her blog=)  She used comic book boards to organize her fabric by size and color--HELLO!!!  What a creative little quilter that Terri is!!! 

took me 3 days with an hr here and there
When I first started doing this, I was filled with awe right away (doesn't take much for me!)  I was hooked;)  The boards are so cheap at $9 for 100 boards and ACID FREE people!!!  I used a pin to hold the fabric in place and I wrapped everything that was FQ size and bigger.  (don't buy a lot of yardage always, so I have A LOT of FQ'S!!)  I can tell you EXACTLY what I have now---what A concept: P 

OH and some love to my girl Steph for helping me out with some of these yesterday.  I got her hooked now too BTW!  She kept admiring her work after she wrapped each "bolt." 

One more thing to add, this is VERY THERAPEUTIC folks!!!!!  Having a bad day at work,with the kiddos or ready to throw in the towel on a sewing project---fold some fabric around some comic book boards--he,he,he,he : )

Go create something!



Terriaw said...

I hate to admit it but I don't know what a comic book board is. But your fabrics look perfectly organized now! I am on a mission to organize mine better too. One step at a time...

Rebecka said...

Your fabric looks great. It looks like a fabric store. How fun!! I really need to be more organized. You inspire me! Where do you buy these boards?

Stephany said...

It really is AWESOME, thank you for sharing the boards with me and showing me the how-to! I will HAVE to organize by color now! LOL
And ladies, she went to a local comic book store and asked them about them! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! They all seem to have them! Don't be afraid ladies! You won't be sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

How great ! I need to check into these boards myself !