Friday, October 22, 2010

Design on a dime?

I have seen these design wall "deals" everywhere and I WANTED to make my own as soon as I could!  My friend, Stephany was throwing away a framed picture that was the perfect size for my little plan;)  I didn't jump on this thought right away though and it got snatched by another friend down the street:(  Lucky me, she gave it back due to her not having time to do anything with it!

Onward:)  I also stole asked Steph for some spray paint to cover up some ugly spots on the frame.  Joann's was having a $2.99 a yd sale on felt and so I had already bought a 1 1/2 yds.  I got to work and proceeded to put about three layers on the wood frame and then wrapped the felt around the picture and added electrical tape to hold it in place.  Then I placed the newly covered picture into the frame.  WELL.....maybe not so quick as I am trying to perceive it as here;)  First, I found out that the only way for this thing to fit back into the frame was to remove all the staples around the whole frame: /  Yucky, but doable.  In place of the staples, I added a screw to each side to anchor the felted picture.  Voila---- Masterpiece!!

as you can see I haven't finished my pumpkin project yet- naughty me!
Time for bed.  It's hard work coming up with all these ideas and well I have to go dream some more about quilting anyways **wink,wink**

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he's all mine:)

Night ya'll!



Terriaw said...

what a fun project! Score on the price of the supplies too!

Stephanie said...

What a great idea, I've seen design walls everywhere, they seem so handy to have. I like your frame around your's :)