Sunday, October 17, 2010

How cute is that?!

I have been wanting to play around with some felt and make a needle book.  I had bought some felt a month ago and then it sat in a drawer.  Then Terri over at Terri's Notebook had made a really adorable one shaped as a hexagon!!  Too sweet to pass it up so I finally buckled down and tried my hand at hexies.  Not addicted quite yet, but they are pretty simple.  The vintage fabric "Holly Hobby" I used wasn't very thick so it was a little tedious, but in the end it turned out just fine;)  Instead of the "d" hook the tutorial called for I used some cute ribbon to dress it up some more.  Creativity satisfied and another useful item to marvel away at every day!!

a little zigzag stitching
needles already in place:)
chenille needles for some embroidery action;)



Terriaw said...

that is very cute! love your addition of the ribbon. I loved Holly Hobbie when I was a little girl, so I would love to find some vintage prints like this. I even brought my little Holly Hobbie doll with me to Amanda Jean's house. Silly, I know!

Rebecka said...

Your needlebook turned out cute! What a great idea!!

Stephany said...