Friday, October 22, 2010

sweet deal for me; )

sorry about the pic, you can't see the beautiful flowers on it,learning as I go!
Joann's is having a sale--imagine THAT;)  How about a sale good enough to have Kona on sale for $3.99 a YD and red tag fabric is 1/2 off of the already slashed price-OH and also McCall patterns are 99 cents!!  These are just a few of the deals I took advantage of in my last trip there.

I paid $2 for this yellow flowered fabric (2yds) and purse pattern---great deal--great deal! 

Have you gotten any great deals on quilting/sewing notions lately?

BTW, I am almost finished with my secret Santa quilt for a special someone with the Lucy Goosey pattern---eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!   I know it has been taking me awhile with this one---it takes time to make things perfect folks!!  LOL!

 P.S. This boy's  (say hi to Avery) mama is having a special giveaway that you have to go see!! Check out Steph's blog!!  You are not going to regret it: )  : )




Weatherbee ;) said...

You lucky gal!! I just saw that you won all of those Meadowsweet FQs!! And I do mean ALL of them! That's SO awesome! Congratulations!

~Teresa ;)

Dot said...

Isn't their sale GREAT?!?!?! And I actually got to GO, which is even greater. I had a doctor's appointment in town! You have to understand, JoAnn's is about 2 1/2 hours from me, so I can't just dash off whenever the mood strikes or the price is right. Yesterday, however, I got to spend a precious half-hour there, not enough, but 'twill serve...sigh...

Stephanie said...

I just bought Kona yesterday at Joann's and enjoyed the same discount, isn't discounts great!!! I just wish they had more colors available, but I guess you can't have everything :)