Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Couldn't Pass Them By...

Started with a trip to Aiken Quilt Shoppe for some of their Chez Moi and Momo.  If you are ever in the SC area and are looking for a great shop with very down to earth staff look no further--this is the place to go!  They will cut a fat quarter from any bolt and they have a galvanized tub full of fabric(didn't see that as the owner had it for a quilt retreat--NOW I have to go back for sure!).

Saturday came and I decided that once seeing a yard sale with lots of fabric for sale posted on Craigslist that I had to go check it out.  7:45 we were at the house that was supposed to have the "goods."  We pull up (Ayden and I), get out and I start looking around as we cross the street.  I don't see any fabric:/  I go straight to the owner of this event and ask her.  She informed me that there were cars lined up at 6AM (mind you the sale didn't start until 7AM!) WHY were they there??  For fabric silly!  The poor woman had to relunctantly give up her huge Hefty bags of priceless threads immediately----------- or ELSE!

Needless to say, all she had left was a bag of some girly ballerina fabric:(  No thanks!  Anyway, I gave her my info and hope to hear from her soon.  She commented that she still had 5 totes inside to go through yet:P

Four Veggie Tales later and some stuffing for pillows, I didn't have my fabric dosage:/  I knew that the Quilt Shop on the Corner downtown Augusta was having a 30% sale until the 31st due to the closing of their store (unfortunately).  After 1/2 hr of trying to track down this place (only been there once with a friend), a stop at a bakery for some energy food--we made it to the quilt shop at least 45 min. before they opened their doors!!  Veggie Tales it is--thank goodness for car DVD players:O)  The owner let us in 1/2 an hr early--well because she is this awesome lady whom listened to my Ayden for an hour contently while mommy searched the shelves for some steals!! 

The last three pics above are the fruits of my labor *beaming*  She had a wash basin full of scraps.  My brain naturally went to my fall embroidery project  that needs to be "blocked" and backed and dug right in.  As you can see I got some great fall/Halloween prints in there.  Even found some bird fabric for my friend Steph **psyched**  Filled a bag for $4 plus 30% off-SCORE!!   Also, found lots of greens for my sherbet quilt top. Best find there was the Amy Butler fabric that I adore sew much.  $36 later not bad---we were outta there.  Now Steph wants to go there and sneak a peek too--soon honey, soon.  MY fabric spending is at a halt for this month--cut myself off----- or else!!

WARNING!!  I have not been able to do that yet so I am not guilty one bit folks---maybe a tiny bit, but not too much!  Early B-day gift?

P.S. The "Wordless Wednesday" wasn't going to cut it for this adventure;)

P.P.S. If you are wanting to shower me with some more love on my already flourishing giveaway please go HERE.  Thank you, thank you wholeheartedly for willingly gambling for your chance to win some great notions and fabric---CAN'T wait to pick the winner on Oct. 15th.

Love ya bloggie friends,



Terriaw said...

I can just imagine the crowd that showed up for that fabric sale! Looks like you still came home with some great treasures. How fun!

Stephany said...

what was that you said? All done fabric shopping this month.....huh? ;)