Friday, October 15, 2010


Thank you so MUCH for all the individuals that visited my blog and a lot of you that shared some really yummy recipes using apples.  I am going to be going through the comments very often now to retrieve recipes and ideas in the next week or so;)

I have GAINED 18 followers and I had 81viewers to my my blog!!!!  That is pretty impressive to me because after all, this was my very first giveaway!!  So thank you all for making this a memorable trip(can't wait to come up with another reason to do a giveaway)!

THANK you Debi for making this ALL possible and allowing bloggers everywhere to enjoy themselves completely and GAIN some new friends at best!!! 

Please come back for more quilting goodness and to give me some good advice and/or a listening ear along the way:)

OOOOHHHHH so who is the winner you ask???????????????????????

I asked Mr Scarecrow (as my Ayden calls him) if he would like to pick a number and this is the look I got from him.
 He said he would love to help me out, but at this time of the year he was a little occupied with all the preparations for some holiday ---he referred to it as Halloween, I believe.  SO........................

Then I went up to our 75 lb boxer and asked him and this is the face I got in return.
He was a little sad because he had planned on going outside to catch some squirrels, he wasn't ready to pick out numbers for momma's drawing --of all things, and so he just gave me this face, a simple RUFF and walked away.  SO...............

How about Ayden?????  HE would help his momma:)
See how happy he was to help me;)

sorry for the blur:(
He had just woken up----so give him some love here!!!! 

"Momma I have a number!!"

AND that number IS:
Just JaiCi's Crafts said...
I have found a GREAT recipe for Apple-pie BARS! Then they're not husband can't wait to try them :) Thanks for this chance! JaiCi you got your chance to win----Congrats!!!!!!!  I will now have my chance to try out those Apple-pie bars you speak of fondly!! ;)   (I noticed on your blog that you said that you never win---well think again missy!!!) JaiCi please wait patiently as I type up an email to you to let you know that you have WON!!!! And people, you have your chance to go see Jaici's blog---go,go,go now to see what she has cooking up over at her house blog!!! Alrighty everyone----- thank you one more time for taking the time to visit little ole' me and making my days all smiles ;):):):) Take care and talk to ya'll soon, Sara


Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

Yeah for me!!!

Stephany said...

Congrats to the winner! :) So cute the way you did that Sara! Trigger certainly looked THRILLED....

Weatherbee ;) said...

Congratulations! To the winner, and to you for a successful first giveaway!


Rebecka said...

Ayden is a cutie! I enjoyed your photos. Congratulation to the winner.