Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aromatherapy in a small pillow

Heating pad in a quilted top pattern with lavendar scented flaxseed inside the muslin pillow inside this beauty.  Only took a day to sew and forever a healing aid for headaches,stomachaches,backaches and so on.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler 12"x12" : rulers : rotary cutting : sewing & quilting : Shop |

June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler 12"x12" : rulers : rotary cutting : sewing & quilting : Shop |

This is so cool that I will probably HAVE TO get one soon: P

Am I crazy??

No this is not the size of the quilt that I am working on, but maybe more of a lap size quilt in this scrappy pattern.  I do a row a day or maybe two and then stop so I don't go batty.  Depends on my mood ya know; )  Enjoying it thus far, no joke!  It forces one to go through their whole stash and see what they really have which could be quite nauseating or the latter and turn out to be liberating.  I choose the latter.  As soon as I finish the top I will post pics--only my second quilt.
This is what I am making a "mad dash" for the Sat. after Black Friday this year; )  Happy Birthday to me!!!!  I heard about it on someone else's post the other day and have been drooling over it today for the last 2 hrs.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

For the little artist

Jungle themed with tigers, monkeys and trees.  Pockets for colored pencils,crayons,paint brushes and chalk; versatility is the key here.  One for each side of the easel and tied at the top in orange fabric.  Ayden enjoys putting his "tools" away(sometimes). 

More showing off---Spring has sprung in GA

Loving the pastel colors here I chose for this old dish towel that was given a facelift a couple weeks ago.  I got done sewing the three main pieced fabrics and then decided to add some custom binding to the sides to give it a finished look and it really tied everything in nicely.  Added a loop for extra appeal and just in case I ever want to hang it up instead.

Showing off some new potholders

The quilt top was pieced together using scraps and the binding was made by me. Therefore, there are no pics of the back because I wasn't happy with the binding on the back unfortunate for me! Anyway I like the size of these and they are too cute with hand towel I had made the week prior; ) Took me a week to make these, but these days any easy sewing project does due to Ayden running around getting into things and just LIFE sometimes ya know: P

Gettin' with the Times

I am jumping into this and going to see how fantastic or not so fantastic it may be; ) I live in GA, currently at Ft. Gordon as a Christian stay at home mom--yes a SAHM--OMGosh, really--yes! I have a 2yr old boy, Ayden and a furry "toddler" boxer, Trigger whom is 5 yrs old. I have been sewing for 2 yrs and absolutely enjoy it fully. I have started quilting and I am always looking for someone to share quilting with as newbies together...hahahaha!! Having a little one for Ayden to play with wouldn't hurt either while we sew/quilt; ) So come along on my journey in blog world for sewing, quilting, gardening,cooking and whatever else I am willing to devulge to my fellow bloggers. God Bless