Thursday, July 10, 2014

Disappearing Act

Hi y'all!  
Oh my goodness so much has happened since our baby girl Jade has joined our family!  I couldn't even begin to go into all the details.   I will say that it has been hectic, fun, life changing, endearing,  filled with giggles, hugs and kisses.  Jade is a very good baby!  She started sleeping through the night at 3 months old.  The girl smiles ALL the time and has the most heart melting giggle.  Mornings are her time to shine!  Ayden is the definition of a fantastic big brother.  He helps when not even asked.  Simply put, he truly adores her;) 

With 2 kids things have gotten a bit more interesting.   Time for blogging is in the back seat.  Instagram is in the drivers seat.  The easy access and ease of usage has drawn me in indefinitely.   I can get an answer to a question quickly and learn about others lives quickly through their pics.  I ♡ it!  If you look at my sidebar---> you will see my IG feed.  My IG username is living4himjoshayden if you care to join me over there.   I'm going to try to blog more.  It is, in my opinion, not user friendly when it comes to adding pics from IG to blogger.  So I am giving this app on my phone a try for the time being.  I can type away while nursing Jade.  Kill two birds with one stone.

Time for some sewing lingo!  As most of you know, an APQ magazine QAL started up ages ago or maybe at the beginning of the year; )  12 blocks have been completed thus far.  My color palette is peach, yellow, pink with touches of blue and black and white low volume prints.  I like how easy these are to piece together and then to complete the whole block.   I am looking foward to creating the peach blocks next and then sewing my borders.  Don't know who the recipient will be quite yet.  It finishes at twin size so I am leaning toward this one going to Jade;) 

A few pieces of clothing have been added to Jade's wardrobe as well. 
A skirt from 
Strawberry skirt 
This little girl is pushing her mama into new sewing territory.   Loving it! 

Summer has been treating us well.  Adventures in swimming, Ayden learning to ride his bike without training wheels,  reading, math, picking fruit at local farms, cooking and so on has kept us on our toes. 

I have missed y'all.   Seriously missed talking to y'all through emails and sharing my life with you!  I know there are some that are not on IG so I have felt the need to be reconnected with those individuals specifically.   I am going to try my darndest to make it work otherwise you can always bug me in an email or sneak up on me on IG ha!