Friday, December 30, 2011

My handsome boy;)

At Christmas right before the wrapping paper storm hit.....(showing off his new Camo jammy bottoms from his Uncle Christoper and Aunt Alissa here too.)

silly boy:)

Dinosaur sandwich cutter (has been used for a few sandwiches already)

 We did Christmas with daddy on Skype this year due to his absence overseas for the military.  So in this pic he was looking at daddy on the computer screen showing off his new Thomas train set from Grammpa and Gramma Strange.

Ayden got all into it here.  He got Leap Frog Tag and some Tag books from my dad along with some bath toys from his other Gramma and Grammpa you can see in the pic here.

This was the BIG hit though (no pun intended) lol;)

"Mommy I got drums.  Mommy I got DRUMS!!!"

I think some lessons are in order;)

Everyone has had their try at the drums too around here.  Who can help it?  They are really fun and a great stress reliever!

Gosh this little boy fills my heart UP.

Happy New Year ya'll!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Bakery is Open....

Jeni from In Color Order made this a few times and posted it on her blog for all to drool over!  It was something I had to make eventually,you know one those items on your to do list forever?!  

The pretzel bread lasted about a week and then it was history;)  Soooooo darn delicious!!  Very good with Cinnamon apple jelly too.  Just statin' a fact;)

 THIS tasty looking bread is Potica,a family recipe that goes back many, many years and generations.  My grandma received it from her mom, my great grandmother whom got it from a Slovenian friend in MN.

It has a Slavic, Czech and Polish heritage tagged on it and it is worth the hrs of labor I will add.  

The Potica is compiled of 2lbs of walnuts finely chopped, butter,milk,eggs,honey,sugar,flour, yeast and a few other ingredients and LOVE!!

Every time I have a slice I am brought back to my Grandma's home during Christmas ----every time.  Diane over at random do or di helped to bring this bread's memories to life as well..go see for yourself!

I made up some gift bags too of this traditional bread.

The hubby is going to be receiving some to try soon and his other request is Peanut Butter Chip and Pecan Brownies.  

Baking warms my heart;)

My handsome "4" yr old too:):):):):):):):):):)

Enjoy one another {especially} at the moment you read this line!!!


Oh what a season!

fresh evergreen tree we picked out with the NEW tree skirt(eeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!)

 little helper celebrated his B-day a bit early due to it being so close to Christmas...

playing Angry Birds game with his buddy

Trip to the Science Museum in Raleigh before picking up Uncle and Grandpa

a giant dino print!

What big eyes you have Ayden?!

these guys came home with us grandpa (my daddy) and Uncle Brian (my brother)(see how well behaved my dog is!)

we went to Red Robin here for Ayden's official B-day yesterday and Ayden had a sundae to celebrate after some pizza!  Ayden also got this balloon from there---the kid loves balloons...but then again what child doesn't:)

the only grandchild!

Monkey Joe's was on our list yesterday too 2hours of nonstop fun!!!  They need a place like this for adults!!

I still had some fun knitting a hat for Ayden as another Christmas gift this year while the roar of children played in the background!!

Lion brand Wool Ease yarn and away I knitted

 started a new quilt too and I jumped at the chance to use the Swoon pattern I have been drooling over for months!!!  The client gave me free rein on this commission.  Cool with me!  I haven't gotten much done maybe a few squares, but I have time. Another red,white and blue number.  Lucky me I get to use Ruby, Bliss and Kona in it too!!

Merry Christmas!!!


Friday, December 16, 2011

No red and green this time around :P

This time I made a little vintage looking yellow,orange,pink,green and blue number. Creativity arose from scrap bed linens and a little Dream On thrown in there.

Quick project to release some of the urge to create with fabric for a bit!

Out came the pretty colors of finca threads......

All crinkly from the dryer.

some Kona orange and a Denyse Schmidt print...such a versatile print to tie it all in too I feel.
This was so fun to hand embroider along all the little seams of the triangles and squares throughout the bow tie pattern;)

Then I did some machine quilting in dark blue Sulky thread to hold it all together.

Bow tie Mini will be in the shop today.

I did a little hand embroidering on some Tula Pink fabric as well in the past couple of weeks.

Sorry about the unclear words on this on it for a better view;)  I is supposed to say I will obey,right away,every day, in a cheerful way.  It's a little phrase Ayden and I are using to instill obedience into Ayden in our Christian home.  Something light,easy and fun to say!

Besides quilting and embroidery.....

we have been celebrating the birth of Jesus coming soon on Christmas through this Advent season. 

Ayden enjoys lighting the candles each night;)

Enjoy your to decorate the tree and show off my new tree skirt underneath it.  I will have to come back with some pics for ya'll to see.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have a Traveling Stash winner!

Would #22 please jump up and down and act crazy for me?  Rather for whomever is there to witness their excitement maybe is what I should be saying;)  It would be fun to see someone's reaction though once wouldn't it?!

I will be in contact with you shortly Becky!!!!!!!!  Congrats to you!!!!

Are all of you ready for Christmas? 

I sure am!

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.