Wednesday, December 15, 2010

all girls considered

It was time to do a girl quilt and since my friend's daughter, Reagan's B-day is coming up in Jan. what better colors to use than pinks, greens and oranges 8)  Simple cuts coupled with simple hand piecing and viola---a girl quilt top.

The back was pieced with a very soft color scheme of flannel and Chez Moi with some beautiful mint green panels (one on each side).  Squealing with excitement over these colors folks!!

Some gingham in dark pink  I picked up yesterday for the binding.

Pinned and ready for some free motion action.  Yes since this little recipient isn't going to be looking at my quilting job AT ALL probably, I am psyched now to practice away.  Aren't those Kona colors just a rainbow of yummy goodness??!!  So glad I pinned with the special plastic colored clip on thingies and used my Kwik Clip too--try it for yourself--so worth the money.

Between all this sewing I have taken on some more cooking in the kitchen and here are some delicous and EASY donuts I created the other morning for Ayden and I.

Biscuit mix, oil, a wok, sugar, cinnamon and lemon sprinkles= Heaven!!

Why then I had to go lose some of those calories and quickly if I might add;0)  So off I went to my favorite quilt shop!

Walked in the door to It's a Hoot first off!!!

And a few other FQ's waiting for me to snatch them up and love on them!

Then of course I had to have this and I think it was about 5 sec tops for me to snatch that up!!  Central Park I LOVE every last bit of this fabric line by Kate Spain<3  <3 <3  The colors are gorgeous.

I also received this book in the mail a few days ago from a giveaway that I entered over at Learn to Quilt.   Thank you Chris Dahl!  It looks to be very interesting and I cannot wait to dive into it.

 Maybe if  I stay away from the sewing machine long enough and OH the kitchen too eh?---he,he,he,he,he!

See ya''ll later!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday cooking and baking

Not so much quilting as there is time being spent in the kitchen part of the house these days.  I love soup as you all know and I love to bake.  Therefore, the house has been smelling terrific with the aromas of pumpkin apple soup and molasses cookies!  Yum! 

This was from an issue of Taste of Home.

Someone know of any really good soup cookbooks?

Easy to make-- ooooh sooooo yummy in the tummy!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

One more Christmas present

It is getting too late already to make a quilt for my brother, Brian, but instead I thought I would do it backwards.  So I made the pillowcase, that will match the quilt, that I make for his B-day, next year in August!  This gives me plenty of time for creating something wonderfully masculine with some baseball added to it.  Baseball is his favorite sport to watch:)

The brown polka dots remind me of a baseball diamond if you look at them just right and the blue stripes remind me of the stripes in the guys uniforms for some teams.  I took a little bit of a  baseball novelty print and added that for the trim.

I used the tutorial over at Karamat.  Easy peasey once I realized which way I needed to have the fabric (selvage to selvage had to be on the left and right sides) so I could fold them wrong sides together later on on one side and the bottom.  

There was also another issue when I pulled the trim and main part of the pillow out of the cuff.  The trim was folded with right sides together instead of the other way around.  Seam ripper time:(

Now----- I KNOW how to make a pillowcase!!! (correctly that is)

doesn't Ayden look dreamy?!

I really,honestly haven't touched any quilting  so no new pics and I am sad about that, but other things have tugged on me recently.  Really looking forward to sewing day soon--- I HOPE!!

I did make some yummy, healthy veggie soup though yesterday:)  So a little eye candy if you will.

Carrots, peas, corn, zucchini, a rutabaga, some crushed tomatoes and other seasonings made this dish very good to warm the soul on a cold day;)  The rutabaga was a vegetable I hadn't cooked with ever so that was an add in idea from my friend, Christina.  She is a smart girl because rutabagas are truly a new fave of mine!  I froze about 4 servings yesterday and put a few more leftover servings in the fridge.  I heart soup so much that I could eat it all year!!!  Don't think Ayden would mind either;)

Happy December!