Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Majestic aka pain in the TUKIS!!

***Warning some ranting to follow....

My Ayden came in with a "purple" icy pop for his distraught mommy;)  See that little tan circle in there too.  That is a lifesaver for pulling thread through the fabric and popping those quilters knots in nicely;)

Blurry pic yes,BUT the point is this is the area of the Majestic top that had me huffing and puffing.  In the beginning I had wanted to do a flower of some sort in the middle.

I have had this book since last year and thought it was high time I pick something out and do it.  Plus Aimee Ray included a disk in the back with all the patterns--yippee!  I printed off the design I desired and clipped it to some tracing paper and traced away.

****Insert drama here...................Then I went to place the design on the quilt and pin it down.  Went over to my machine and started to stitch using my darning foot.  ****Urggggggghhhhh*****  Stitches were coming out really small and tight and UGLY all around.  A pickin' I went with Mr. Ripper and then back at it (just HAD to try again!) same thing.  You get the idea right?

BACK TO THE ABOVE PIC-----------Hubby comes in and says"I don't think you will be able to do that on your machine."  ME: " I should be able to do it."  HUBBY: "don't think so,why don't you hand sew it with the thread on your machine?"  ME: ****Urggggggggghhhh****

Next up Gutermann thread, FAIL!  The "Quilters knots" were starting to come out as soon as I finished.  AND it took a movie and a couple episodes of Smallville AND a tired right hand to get her done;)

Next day comes:)  I figured I will get her all quilted  and then I will figure out that darn flower yet.

Today I get the binding on and take a look at her again all put together.  Right away I think I have to remove all those stitches and fill it in with some good ole' white perle #8 cotton.  Crazy quilter on the loose!!  That's right and that is what you see above in the first pic! 

End result is worth it,not worried about loose threads anymore from that DA-gone flower.  I can sleep easy he,he,he!  It didn't even take that long to remove them all and replace with the white thread, maybe 1/2 hr tops.

The actual quilting is swirls or I like to think of them as the phone cords we all used to have on our table top phones--remember those??? he,he  Spring-like and random!  Kona Coal I have to mention too---lovin' IT!!!!!  And the binding was adorned with some Coal power too!!!

Tomorrow I am taking a better pic of this flower I speak of so fondly;)

Ta-da:P  see those white stitches in that flower?

None of my previous backings have had a pieced strip added.  Cheers to finally doing it!  I managed to take just about every print from the front and put them in the strip too.  Thinking that floral print at the top really shines fabulously as well:):):)

See the purple in the top right of the Shout Color Catcher?  It took any bleeding from my purple quilt and the worries away!!  Such a fabulous product!  I had to brag about them.

Majestic measures 37x47
Dear Majestic,

Your stubbornness made me want to finish you in style even more---HA!!  I am a STRONGER quilter.

Thanks for the memories.  Hope you make it into a great new home!

P.S.  For now you will be in my Growing Stitches Shop.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing Stitches Shop SALE!!!

September is creeping up quickly and I am ready to do a sale in my Etsy Shop!!!!  

15% OFF E

potholder sets
Quilts of all sizes

***Custom orders are Definitely welcome as usual!!!

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I really started thinking of the process of a quilt with this top.

This time.

Cutting fabric.

Counting how many squares I have...then realizing I need to "hunt" down some more.

Slight worried that I may not have more.

Digging through my scrap drawer for purple AGAIN.

The challenge is good therapy, at least for me!

Matching the seams.

And finding that they are not so matched:/  (Perfectionism?  nah)

Telling my inner voice it's alright no one is going to be pointing fingers;)

Side note: I received some great info for great pins to buy on #talknt Tuesday night!  Love those women and men on there.

Why was I worried?

No sweat!

I am a quilter AND we always work it out.  lol!!!!

OR keep trying:)

 Sandwich,pin and FMQ on the agenda today.  

Challenges here I come;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is it PalettABLE?

Lynne over @ Lily's Quilts is doing a Quiltalong sometime next month.  Thanks Lynne!  (She's a sweetie!)  One thing or another has kept me busy lately,but I decided this is right up my alley of Quiltalongs!  I have been wanting to dive into color through pictures and colorwheels for some time. 

How do you usually do it then Sara you ask?!!

I always use my fabric stash for inspiration.  Time to branch out some.  Many areas of color to navigate and I could use the knowledge!  

My color palettes have been chosen above by me and here is the area of expertise that I need from ya'll.  Sneaky right..he,he,he  

Purples,blues and yellow are up for grabs----BY ME!!

1st pic: Pathway

2nd pic: Majestic

You can say P or M to make it real easy.

Let me know which one you think is tops in your honest thoughts below in your comment.

Pretty please...........;)

And thank you!

Linked up here!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Purple Kinda Mood

I picked out all purples in my stash last week and got to cutting.  Purple was my mood I can honestly say.  After seeing more and more purple quilts in bloggy world, I decided I had to join in;)

 4" squares,2"x6" rectangles, 2" squares, 2"x4" rectangles,borders and binding all cut!!  Sounds like a lot to chew yes,but I tend to enjoy the cutting process.
How about ya'll?  What is your favorite part of the quilting process? 

Paired with some Kona Coal,the 17 rows are coming together and with each row more excitement building.  A girl is going to really enjoy this quilt somewhere in the world!

Just a little sneak peak into what was awaiting me last night for dinner courtesy of the hubby;)  I had run off to Joann's for the Kona Coal,did a few errands and returned to this!!  It was quite tasty.  The Mexican flare was homemade tortillas with shredded steak (marinated with orange juice and lime juice and spices) and rice with black beans,onion,garlic and spices.  To drink, Josh made me a Peach, Orange, Banana Coconut Rum glass of refreshing yumminess!!!   Isn't he something---a real keeper for sure!

Enjoy your evening and hope you get some sewing in:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your hands will thank you

I had some rows of  a zig zag pieced strip left over in my closet for a month.  I thought to myself these would be a perfect match for some potholders.

Now I have made some of these guys several times and each time I go through the process, I learn something new each and EVERY time.  Honest.

Maybe not perfection this time because that would be a tad pious,but they make me grin:)

These are in red and black as you can see and the red happens to be my kitchen accesorizin' "go to" color these days. 

 Anyone adore these as much as me can purchase them at my Growing Stitches Shop.

Inside there is Warm and White batting and Insul Bright to prevent ouchies;)

These can also be made as a custom order at one's request.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cowboys and Indians

Quick project for my shop which was a pattern I followed loosely.  I have had the pattern for quite some time and it needed to breathe! 

Front cowboy print is an Alexander Henry one.  The back print is a Debbie Mumm design in flannel.
Simple four patch and away it went into this fun spirited baby top.  Kona Tomato and Spice are very charming together I think!

As my son says, "Hee, Haw---- ridem' cowboy!"

:::::::New listing is in Growing Stitches today:::::::

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BIG smiling rights go to...........

jennifer said...
Bleeding hearts 
Jennifer is over at hoodiesandflipflops so if you like, sneak on over and give her blog a looksy!! 
Jennifer I will be in contact with you shortly.
It looks like peonies,roses and lilies are the perfect garden flowers.  At least that is what this giveaway revealed.  Thank you for all the entries!!!!  Very interesting to learn about what others flower choices are and some of you even gave me a few to ponder. AH...I always dream of having a flower garden around the whole perimeter of my back yard.  Someday when we are settled perhaps! 
I have a quilt top ready to be stacked and I go!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet tooth

all cut up and on the clothesline for small wallets and nowhere to go!
Tula Pink, Cheep Talk (connecting threads from my girl Deb) and Kona blue of some sort

Ayden's big GUNS showed up...
see his dinosaur tat?  got that from the Natural Science Museum

I was bullied-HA!!  Well..................
NOT really, but I had to have an excuse.... 
for these sweet numbers!!!
many hours later, it was back to fun work on the new wallets
Yep.  Hit the sweet tooth with these as well;)

Adding these to the shop!