Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool It ☀

Where did the last two weeks go?  It seems the sun has already gone to my head and I don't mean my hair;)  All this heat is making me want to hibernate.  Yesterday we did just that with a heat advisory until 6am today!:/

 Even the pool was out of the question---just too dang hot even for this girl!  I have lived in AZ twice and GA twice so the heat usually doesn't get the best of me,but there are limits.  RAIN would be such a blessing:)

Better to talk about the farmers market perhaps. Today for instance we spent some time there and picked so many good fruits and veggies.  I love it!!!  Our staples have become almond milk,greek yogurt, LOTS of bananas and fruit at your beckoning call... hehehehe:)  Veggies popping up in lots of frying pan dishes and into our bellies..yummy!

In between I have been working on this vintage goodie.  I used various VS prints and Dream On cuz what else would be more appropriate:)  I pieced the three borders and the backing in one day.  During that time I decided to do a light white flannel for the middle.  Keepin' it light.

 This quilt woulde definitely cool me off from all the heat with the all that Kona white going on and the light pastel colors.

I have come to the realization that either I am going to do away with all of my VS collection (I know,I know don't freak out on me!).  I got my fill.  I am trying out Flickr first to see if I can do some swaps on there for fabric OF course.  My ISO list (what I am in search of) is here:::::    

I do love a pretty VS quilt and I love viewing them online designed by other quilters.  I don't know what happened in between cutting the VS's and piecing them.  Something didn't feel completely fun and enlightening.  I can't explain it.  There you have it though,  I am an odd one.  Oh well, time to stock up on some solids.  Those seem to keep my interest lately;)  lol!  You know you are a quilter change your mind constantly periodically??

Soon it will be some floor time for me pinning her up for her debut at the sewing machine and it's a quilting time  for me!  I am shooting for her to be done before my next craft show in the middle of July.

This is calling my name right at the moment though.

Our tummies are rumbling:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):P

Talk to ya'll later,


Monday, June 18, 2012

Chuggin' Along

The craft fair has come and gone for June..two more to go in July and August.  I sold one wallet total.

sneaking in some trimming time...I did cut myself:( small cut,learned my lesson:)
 You know what though?  I received a lot of really great compliments on my work and did hand out some business cards. I may even have a possible commission quilt ahead of me:)  Staying REALLY positive!!

BESIDES, a few days prior to the fair I had received a convoy on Etsy for a commission quilt!  The client wanted the "Color Me Happy" quilt I have listed in my shop,but a bit bigger at 40x60.  Happy news for mu-aw! 

I decided to get precise lines and not go all wobbly I would finally use my Clover Hera marker:)  It worked so well and made my life a lot easier.  I do a cartwheel inside when tools do what they are supposed to do.  Ya know?!  I prepped 4 bobbins with white thread and went through every one of them.  Prepared.  Yes indeed!

The client had her kiddos voted on 20 quilts and they loved mine hands down!!  Humbling:)  This is why I quilt.  Reason # ???

The Roy G Biv color wheel was requested and so I took out the original colors pink and black and used charm squares.  The dilemma for me was the math.  I really need a quilting calculator or I will be forced to rely on Quilting Board once again.  They are so darn knowledgeable on there and quick to reply!!

This will be displayed on a wall as a art piece.  A completely white backing.  Easy for me.  No piecing!  I think the straight line grid pattern for the quilting really offsets the HST'S quite magically.

All the colors really jump out at you with the black binding---sweet!

Shortly it will be on its way to Ohio!

A few days ago I received a request for a custom wallet.  Colors are hot pink,yellow,aqua/turquoise, with a black snap closure and brown zipper.  Here is the print I had in pink on a wallet listed in my shop that the client really liked.  OOP Tula Pink Plume:

Snatched a yard and it is sitting on my cutting table waiting for me.  This will be he outside print for the wallet.  I hope to get this done at my new quilting group tomorrow.  Totally excited to have 3 hrs to myself t sew!!  This is my second time going and it is very nice!  Ayden gets to go play with some friends nearby too.  It's a win-win situation!

Speaking of my stinker boy!!  There he is:)

Time to skedaddle and go cook up some steaks for the boy and I.

Enjoy your week and I hope you get some good sewing in!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feeling the Purple

from start
to finish

{Art Gallery Lace Elements,Lizzy Dish By Lizzy House, So St. Croix By Jennifer Paganelli, Plume By Tula Pink and Kona Pomegranate

Two quick blocks and the colors played well together I think.  The Kona Pomegranate really ties it all in for me:)  I have so much Tula Pink--it keeps showing up everywhere lately.  Fine by me!  This was my first runner and she will be for sale this Saturday at my booth at the craft fair downtown Fayetteville,NC.

I did some FMQ in wavy lines going up and down around the outside border Art Gallery print.  Some squiggles in the middle and I outlined the stars.  I used King Tut variegated thread which was very pleasing to the eye.

For a very long time now I have wanted to make some for my home.  Definitely a must.

 Why am I showing you ziploc bags suddenly?

These are each filled with a different color being: red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple.  The Roy G Biv color wheel requested by a new client last week.  Here is the quilt I will be duplicating.  It is mine from my shop.   She would like it as a 40x60 wall quilt.  On it!  She also requested a white backing---not a problem;)  Lately I could stand to get away from a pieced backing you know!  Well anyway, I have a month to get her finished.

A little detail I will add, the client said her kids had 20 quilts to choose from and they chose mine hands down she said!!  Humbling indeed.  My heart is filled. Again.  With quilting.

It can't get any better right?

Maybe it can..........................................................

Anna Marie Horner snuck into my mailbox recently.               

Maybe not her.  in the flesh.  You know what I mean!

Innocent Crush made an appearance though.

I swapped.  Felt good.  Very good!  The recipient got some KJR in return for her generosity;)

She gave me some scraps too!  Hope Valley by DS.  Nice.  Real Nice.

Before I play with the above, I have to get ready for the craft fair Saturday.  Silly me!  Setting up a mock display of my booth tomorrow.  I also have a tablecloth to make!  Occupied for certain:)


Friday, June 1, 2012

Trouble Makers:)

You may know them, you may not---- either way they both know how to shop!

Mama Sparks (Pam) and The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe (Freda).  Guilty as charged!  hehehehe

I have to admit, it was a lot of laughs and I know Freda said on her blog that it was 10 hrs.  Scary enough it felt like 5 or 6 maybe.  It flew by.  I am wondering how much damage I could do in more than 10 hrs.

Hope Freda doesn't mind that I snatched her pic.  I asked her,but I was too antsy too post this to wait for her to respond.  Just keeping it real folks.  Forgive me Freda;)

Ayden and I had a 1hr and 1/2 drive like Freda so we left fairly early thinking traffic would keep us busy.  Not so much.  Ah well Ayden got to run around for a while before Pam and Fred arrived.  Then it was into the Wish Upon A Quilt shop.   Sounds oh so magical and inviting doesn't it!! Probably my favorite one to date!

Ah...the simplicity of this one really made me smile--love Aneela Hoey fabrics!

Ayden was thrilled!!!  This little man did wonderful THE whole entire day!!!  The ladies at the shops kept him smiling, some of them gave him stickers and he enjoyed playing with the toys at each stop.

Now you see him........................................................................................................................

Me,Pam and Freda
And now it is just the ladies!!

Anyway there was a vast array of fabrics to choose from in designers and cuts!  Lots of bins to rummage through.  I had to behave.

Next was the Bernina World of Sewing where I picked up some Joel Dewberry, Nicey Jane and Riley Blake fabric.  Pam and I shared some of the Joel Dewberry and she gifted me with my half ;)  She is too sweet!! 

Off to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Pam has a pic of the food I ate which was Asian Lettuce Wraps which were delicous all the way around and Ayden had  a cute pepperoni pizza with little pepperonis on top.  Here is a pic I found online jsut in case you wanted to drool right now;) Messy,but oh so good!

After our bellies were full it was time to hit the 3rd shop which was Elegant Stitches or rather my next favorite shop located in Cary.   I think the ladies that worked there really enjoyed Ayden fully:)  Their play area was quite fun too!  Outside thrre was a water fountain and a great play area.  Here is an article and video of the playground Ayden played on. ( I thought Ayden did very well on the red play set even though the lady in the video made it sound tricky overall.  I think supervise and you will be ok.)

4th shop was  The Whistle Stop where they had a cute butterfly quilt, but no pattern.  The next day I managed to retrieve the pattern online over at the Moda Bake Shop.  It will be a future "to do " quilt for me.

The 5th and final quilt shop The Quilters Nest yielded nothing jumping out into my hands,but none the less it was still fun browsing.  Ayden took a liking to the shop worker and they played together for awhile.

If you haven't met up with a fellow quilter/blogger--oh you must---right now--do it and you won't regret it for one second!  Such a treat!!!!!!!!!!

The loot to add to my stash of goodies at home---eek!!!


Prince Charming Tula Pink
Nicey Jane Heather Bailey
Strawberry Tea Party Michael Miller
Aldo to Zippy Jenn Ski
Punctuation American Jane
Innocent Crush Anna Marie Horner
Rainy Days Riley Blake
Habitat Jay McCarroll
Hushabye Tula Pink
Modern Meadow Joel Dewberry
Backyard Baby Patty Sloniger (Pam talked me up on this one--sorry Pam!)

Equals one happy camper------------ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New friends.  New fabric.

Well why the heck not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!