Saturday, November 26, 2011

A few treasures

Although I have a cold again I am making the best of it because it is my Birthday today ya know!!  Pizza ordered in sounds terrific to me tonight! 

My sweetie had some GORGEOUS flowers ordered for me that came today and they smell amazing even with my cold.

Stargazer lilies are stunning.

Ayden could not get enough of how good they all smell and "Mommy,mommy these are so beautiful!!"

For this week I have completed some projects and started another quilt using some------------------------wait for it-----------------------------------------vintage sheets! 

a finished scarf for my handsome boy as an early Birthday gift to him...his special day is Dec. 22nd:)

AND some rocket jammies which fit his body perfectly--more of those to come I do believe.

Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn with a simple EW stitch again.  This was the closest I could come to a red in cotton,but I like the variations in color and the feel of it overall.  Next one I am going to make it a tad wider.  This one measures in at 17 pegs and about 10"long.  I see these on Etsy all the time and they look so plush and wonderful.  Now I can make my own!! 

Vintage bow ties using my vintage sheets is very lovely indeed.

Smallest pieces I have worked with,but no complaints here.  Taking my time piecing these together.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Traveling Stash up for Grabs Again;)

Trying my luck on this baby!!

Go check out Jessica's blog to see exactly what I am crushing on at the moment!!

I get to pick out what I want and then add back in what I took out--outta my stash---fun right?!

P.S.  I adore Jess.  Her and I have become fast friends and she is a super blogger to say the least...go take a look around her blog too while checking out the traveling stash goodies!

Take care,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Loom or to Sew that is the Question:P

Once again I have to risk it and say there has been no quilting goin' on 'round here lately!

There has been some of this though...

Clown pants for my son??!!  Not really, just a mommy who can't figure out her son's measurements properly?  I really am at a loss for that,so I took some of his PJ's that I had made last year and laid them on the fabric and cut using my rotary cutter.  Hey!  It worked..look.....

The elastic waist band will bring in that wide tummy area you see too.  *Thumbs Up*  Mind you this is a trial pair that I am using as a template for the real pair I am sewing out of this fabric:

Sarah Jane fabric is priceless:):):)  Hope to get those going soon and with this tutorial here, they are SOOOO easy that when you get finished cutting and sewing you are like "Wow I am done already!" 

BTW, if anyone has some insight on measuring a child let me know please!

As I was slacking taking my time on the Pj's I decided that a new hobby was a must----lol!  A friend of mine kindly talked me into it...I blame her;)  hehehehehehehehe

End result of new hobby: loom knitting 

Satisfaction guaranteed:)   My stitches are so uniform you can't tell where I goofed...............maybe I shouldn't say that.....................oops I did :P  Not much room for goof up on this simple e-wrap stitch though.  I want to play around with some new stitches already.

Yarn is now becoming a new obsession interest too.  **Who,whaaattt**  Never!!!!

So soft and I wore it last night out for the first time and received some compliments;)

Hooked on Looms..........................................

yarn from Michaels on sale

New knitting project...

red and green scarf for Ayden..."Mommy can you make me a scarf too?!" 

Ayden to cuddle with and a loom project---nothing better.

Perle cotton #8 arrived at my door the other day and they have been staring at me in all their cuteness ever since. 

Must make quilt for them soon and then we  can play stomach is doing somersaults thinking about it.

With JOY,

Friday, November 11, 2011

snooze button...

on quilting lately.  I know shame on me, but there is just too much beauty outside to really sew lately.  I bet you thought I was going to say I hit the snooze button to sleep in. UHHH.......'Fraid not.  I know bummer:(

see that cutie{if you click on him you can see his sneaky face}
God's art is everywhere we look!

Mommy I'm gonna climb it-- k??

Love this pic!!!
 Lately when we pray at night he likes to thank God for trees:)

OK now for a Drum roll please.............................................................................................................................

See I was teasing I did get some things done!!  Finished for the tree at Christmas.  Makes me smile every time I look at it!  The bias binding was a little tricky as I have never attempted that kind before,but it worked!!

I got to play with lots of the new Ruby line by Bonnie and Camille---adore every piece in that line btw:):)  The bows are some gingham ribbon I had lying around.  I am a bit happy to be displaying this under my Christmas tree this year!!!  I finally made one.  I have been talking about it forever---so mentally I am checking that off my "to sew" list;)

I also finished my Dead Simple Quilt as well.  I am calling her Iris {stole it from my friend,Paulette over at The Way I Sew It,forgive me Paulette!}

simple,but so fabulous!!  The Central Park print makes me smile again and again:)

She is in the shop all warmed up and crinkly from the dryer!   I got to sew on a new label too---eeek:) from momiemadeit on Etsy---she is fantastic!!!

Stay warm under those hand made quilts and Happy Veteran's Day!!!!!