Sunday, July 31, 2011


Kicking back on a Sunday.....

 much needed dinosaur belt for Ayden's "Spiderman underwear showing" problem!

 cost around $3 to make and he's happy to show it off:)

one scrappy border left to be quilted!!  Exclaiming victory shortly!

been claimed by Presencia Finca SOME MORE....can't get enough of its non fraying,sleek, 2 stranded qualities .  I am thinking of more projects to use it in as I poke away on my quilt.

I also cannot get enough of this little guy's handsome tush!!!!

Bubbles,a puppy and the Ayden taking on the outdoors!

Pumpkin seeds

Zinnia action

Cypress vine with flowers peeking out in deep pink

Let me know!!  Interested!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Embroidery Mixed with Family Adventures

I.  AM. IN. LOVE.  Presencia Finca Perle Cotton #8 is where it is at!  Received some for free from a gal in New England,but not all the colors are what I am needing currently.  The Peacock Blue is the exception above.  Found a great website called Yarn Bazaar that I am going to try out though.
Anyone want to trade some colors?  Seriously.

Back to this quilt.  ha!  It is leftover HST's from the rainbow swap and a few from my stash I threw together one day last week.  Then I pulled out a DS rarity in the Katie Jumprope line (won months ago) and went to work.  Quickly finished the top and then pieced the back with some Kona,Pure Elements and Tres Belle.  Onward to hand embroidery.  I was itchin' badddd!!  It was calling my name!

There it is and I have been happily dong my running stitches for the last few days.  There is much more done than in the pic,but wanted to give ya'll some eye candy for a bit!  Tease, I know.

Went to the Museum of Natural Sciences yesterday with my family in Raleigh,NC.  What a great adventure.  We will be returning.

Hands on activity room for Ayden---AND daddy;)

4 floors to climb,run,laugh,ask many questions,and just stare at the wonderful marvels of this world!

Thinking the boys liked it.

Me too.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer County Fair in my town!!

Welllllllllllll..................not actually outside in my town,but rather on the internet in blog WORLD to be specific!!!

I thought this looked like A BLAST!!  So what quilt will I enter....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Entering my Out West quilt (finally came up with a name for this guy!)

This quilt stretched my creativity and really got my hubby involved in color choices and all!!  Kona colors were lagoon,black, garnet and spice.  I machine pieced, quilted and bound this one.  It measures 88x88.

The pattern can be found over at Bec's blogOut West sits on our Southwest themed guest bedroom upstairs in our home.
Are you going to join in at the FAIR??!!

If you want to enter or have fun browsing all the wonderful quilters that have click here!!!

Ah summer.....

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrating--yes still---and who wouldn't------ with a Giveaway!!****CLOSED!!!

Time for a confession.  I missed my 1 yr Blog-Anniversary back in March *turning red* and then I noticed that I am almost at 200 blog posts.  AND of course there is my Etsy shop opening:):):):)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

get your party on!!!!

My personal labels have been added.

Now celebrating my new adventure into Etsy!!!!!


 Open for business!!!!!!!!!--------------->  Etsy shop

Come take a sneak peek.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

true colors------>

-----shining stuck in my head.  Truthfully,it was playing while adding the binding:p  

Anyway, I present to you, Color Me Happy!!

Such a fun quilt to make and with the flannel I used instead of W&N batting,it has a beautiful drape to it.

Icing on the cake was the backing fabric and Kona black binding

Fun,FUN,fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My Etsy shop will be up soon,next 2 weeks possibly and Color Me Happy will be up for purchase!!

Brightens my heart;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

commission complete

Callin' it: T-ball
Fabric: Kona tomato,royal and bone, Alexander Henry baseball prints
Embroidered name: DMC perle cotton 
Measures: 41x41 square
T-ball took be about 5 days to create from start to finish and the more I look at it the more I like it!!
For baby Caleb whom is turning 2 wks old Friday.  This will be perfect for him to crawl around on and for mommy to wrap him up while in the car or wherever the little guy goes.
Hope you like it little one;)

Onto binding my Color Me Happy quilt.