Thursday, May 31, 2012


I feel like I have a new bed when really it is a new quilt for my bed.  New,warm,snugly and...well.......nice!

I chose Kona Bahama Blue for the binding and it tied it all in quite well in the end.  I think the other colors are thankful!  I have some left over too..better than not enough right?

There is a light and airy feeling in the room presently.  Calm comes to mind:)  I am really enjoying the size as well----------------BIG!!!!

The white sort of worries me,but that is what they made a washer and dryer for I guess;)

Newsflash to myself I can hand quilt a whole quilt this size in about a month and 1/2 if need be and enjoy it!!!!  Because of the light thread I used to quilt it,it was not very photogenic---I tried!  I am very pleased that all my flower markings came out in the washer!!

All of the paper pieced blocks went into the backing,but I think they may have gotten lost a bit back live,you learn.  A solid backing probably would have been the better route.  It's on the back:)  Who cares----lol!

finished these girls up the other day too...once those darn snaps are on it's all smooth sailing from there...but that darn snap press is something else!!  I snapped a pic right before the storm as you can see;)

:::::Ready for their debut at the craft fair:::::


Friday, May 25, 2012

Head spinning chaos/fun?

Lots and lots of stuff to be done for a local Art Fest coming up the first weekend in in June!

So much that my bed quilt is on hiatus for the time being:(  Ah well sometimes sacrifices need to be made.  Take a deep breath and move forward.  Therefore,my bed quilt has been sitting on the recliner for about 3 weeks.  Somehow.....don't have a clue.....maybe some blonde kid I live with perhaps...not sure though got some new stains on it.  Daaayyyy----goneit!!!  Oxiclean is on the shopping list.  So be it.

By the time we arrived home from a birthday party tonight it was getting dark out.  I really wanted to take pics of some newly finished projects for the Art Fest.  I got a couple of the banner I made yesterday.  Took me all day and winged the entire thing.

Ideas were flowing everywhere!

 Each letter is interfaced and blanket stitched.  I used the FMQ foot on the flowers for the dotted "i."

This was the perfect project to practice a decorative stitch.  The "s" was hard,both of those buggers.  I got through it though and I think it looks pretty darn good!

 Prints:            Art Gallery
                        Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
                        Sugar Pop by Liz Scott
                        Dots @ Joann's

Before this little project, I took about a week and 1/2 and made 12 Wallets.  I didn't think I could do it,but I proved myself wrong!   Pics of those soon!

Potholders were also along for the ride!  I took some: KJR By Denyse Schmidt and Dream On By Urban Chiks.  These were fun and easy peasy.

I also cut out some business cards and finished up some WIP potholder sets and added my label.  Last minute touch ups and maybe. maybe. another something...something for my craft booth:)

 I even got a little binding in for my bed quilt tonight in Kona Bahama Blue and another Kona blue as well:)  I want that quilt on my bed badly!

 These fabrics showed up at my doorstep a couple weeks ago.  Summersville is definitely, definitely a mind blower!!!

I also got some Kona White for my Sliced Apples QAL quilt.  Yes.  I have to find time to do that too.  After my bed quilt and before I make another Angry Bird for someone I know whose little voice sticks in my head;)

Marbles Museum in Raleigh,NC
This little goober!!

my Black Knight butterfly bush getting bigger---eeekk!

 Night ya'll!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh my goodness

ALL OVER the place 'round here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swapping has got its definite pluses and no minuses!!!!

oooOOOOh that Jess friend of mine over at Quilty Habit did GOOD!!!!  Malka Dunbrawski prints which are like a nice dark chocolate after a rough day...little bit of scrappy pieces and a  2.5" charm pack of Kate Spain Terrain------eeeek!

If that wasn't enough, to make me feel extra special Jess threw in these-------------------------

Everything was individually wrapped in that pretty paper you it my Birthday??:)  Cute pad of paper;)

This made my current cold just melt away---icing on the already delicious cake:P  Heather Bailey,Sarah Jane Children at Play AND Bonnie and Camille's new line Vintage modern (even though that mom and daughter have a new line coming out soon as well! love'm)  I flipped through the charms and let me tell you Bonnie and Camille you never cease to amaze this girl.  Every single print is magical and pleasing!  Absolute favorites!!!!!  Look at the tiny notepad on it own little clipboard------------------------I am blessed!

So what did I learn from this folks?!!
Do a swap, at least. once. a month.
You will be very pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jess!  You made my month a WHOLE lot happier!!!

While I sip away at my Rooibos tea (delicious for a cold btw) and nibble on some Lindt Dark chocolate, I am going to linger here a bit more and show off some pics from my pretty garden areas through out my yard.

 Echinacea which would do me some good too right now.  Not tryin' to have a pity party for my cold....just saying.  I have waited since last year when I planted these seeds so this is an exciting find:)

Calla Lily that surprised me too:)  Thought it was a goner.  Now it's showing off!

Butterfly Bush Black Knight species such delicate, tiny little flowers that give off a light perfumed smell


Sunday, May 6, 2012


Angry Birds have really hit the spot with my Ayden!!  In the last few days he has been begging me (an understatement) to make him some more that we didn't buy from the store;)  I had printed off a pattern here.  Ayden found it laying on the recliner and proceeded to get some tape from the kitchen drawer.  He then brought it into my sewing room and taped it right next to my machine!!  "Here you go mommy!!!!"  Wonder where he gets his persistence (insert sarcasm).

We bought these two guys and then I went to Joann's where I paid $3 something for 1/3 yd f each color I needed for the blue bird and green bird.  $15 later I was back home---not bad at all!

Now as far as construction of these little buggers that is an entirely different story!

Here is the result.  He is cute right?  In disguise as a trouble maker.  Cutting around the eyes and forgetting to sew those little pink patches below them was troublesome.  I tuckered onward.  Conquered that bird!  I had to hand sew the pink patches on because of my boo boo, hand sewed the large orange beak and closed up the back after I stuffed him to life!!;)  He looks like he smiling at me devilishly.  That's alrght cuz the boy,Ayden's face when he saw him all done up was heart melting moment for mommy:):):):):):)

The green bird is up next..let's see who wins.  Maybe it will take under 3 hours next time as well.  Yep that's 3 hours for this mommy!  I guess the headache I had didn't add any good to it all.  Dr OZ helped me though.  Whaaatt??  Yes he said to place a #2 pencil in the back of your jaw and leave it there for awhile until the tension is released and your headache lessens.  Yeah------------ it works!

This past week I have started working out with a great friend,Cosette that decided to take me under her wing and be my little personal trainer.  Sweet deal right?!  We are through week 1 of XFACTOR.  Not tooo bad, there was sweating aggrivating gasps going on,but  am pushing forward.

Don't tell hubby..trying to drop a bit of weight before he returns and we go to FL.  Although don't know how you will get him since he is away in the sand pit again--he,he,he.

Long week=pedicure.
Eyebrow wax
Rewarded to me!  Hey---Mother's Day is coming too.
Want to hear the real sweet part about it??????????????
It was only $36 due to my MOPS group getting together for a spa night last night at a local spa!!!!!!
We also lived it up rough with sangria's, moscato wine, and food all over!!
Thinking this should be a regular retreat for us MOPS mom's every other month?!!!

My gal pal,Pam and her friend,Cori are doing a pretty awesome QAL over in their neck of the woods currently.  Join in--it will be a guaranteed great process!!!!!

Long time coming and then some to crack these babies outta the vintage sheet stash I have in my closet!  I am going with some pink,blue and a little green and purple here and there.  Kona White will be its accomplice.  I am waiting for an order to come in Monday that will bear more Kona White and some other goodies I will share soon.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little of this...

and a little of that lately!

I was working diligently on the Carpenter star top for our bed and then as usual things came up here and there.  All is good though and Ayden and I are getting used to being without daddy again for a few months though.  Then he will be home with us for good!!

I have had the 4 "diamonds" done around the center star for a week or so now and then things came to a halt.

About a half an hour to trace out the flower with a blue washable marking pen and then stitch it with a running stitch.  So 2 of these a night squeezed in works fine for me.  Otherwise the enjoyment gets drowned out after two!  Trust me;)

In the last few days I squeaked out another two "diamonds" with flowers....6 more to go and I can call it good.

Some stitching around the star in the center.  I have hand quilted almost the entire top now.  6 more flowers and then the grey 4 corners and the grey border.  An ongoing project that has been fun and I get to play around with other projects too!!

No I didn't venture into winter wonderland yet,but I loved the pleating and ruching going on here so I based a flour sack towel off of it a bit:)

 Remember that bird pattern I was embroidering???

All fancied up!

The pleated fabric is from an Art Gallery feather print and some dots from Hancocks Fabrics.

 Patchwork with a blanket stitch on the other side of this cotton towel.  The prints are from Connecting Threads Bird on a Wire.

Who is this for??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Not telling;)  You will have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk at ya'll later!