Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pitter patter goes my heart...

I have been wanting needing to revamp my blog for some time now.  Wanted something new.  Something that would stand out on its own. 

In comes my talented hubby,Josh.  So a little background.  Before the Army, he was in college to be a graphic designer.  Just because he left school doesn't mean he abandoned his talent;)  He took my request on willingly and came up with this amazing design! 

I want to express my passion for quilting and what it truly means for me.  I want to keep growing in my craft and show you more and more new quilts by me.  And be brave.  And open up shop for those whom would like to snuggle up in some of my creations along the way. 


One step at a time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

OH my GOODness...

Star Jewels is done!

The Kona lagoon was a tad sneaky when it came time to photographing it.  The true color was not in attendance.  Probably the best photo above! 
For the quilting I chose Garnet Gutermann thread since that wasn't as prevalent in the quilt top and I think it worked out well.  View from the back and see that lagoon changing before your eyes;)  I am good aren't I --he,he...
minimal quilting efforts really due to the star taking the show on its own so beautifully
I added an extra 6" border too so it would drape nicely on the queen size bed .  Remember this is for our guest bedroom.
Binding is the Kona spice again to tie everything else in.  The hubs got in on that decision too--he is great,isn't he:)  I am really pleased with it this time too.  I finally got the technique down and it lays flat.  This was not the case in the last 2-3 quilts sorry to those who received my bumpy oopsies!
Indoors was no help either for the lagoon:(    I love her anyway!!  Some geometric lines were added inside the lagoon triangles for some fun designs.
A few very organic lines to add some rays coming off the star.
And a french seamed pillowcase I made with some leftover garnet fabric.

She measures 88x88 square and she wasn't short on frustrations for me, but with only a few diamonds that weren't completely matched,she came out safely and is now ready to be loved by all of our guests.  

Don't ya'll just love quilting!!!!

P.S.  Thanks for the pattern Bec you have pushed me out of my boundaries;) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Love

Celebrating daddy's today.

Ayden can't get enough of his daddy that's for sure!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strawberry Fields Giveaway!!

Have not posted in a few days due to camera charger being shipped.  BUT I did get it today and my battery is charging as we speak.  Another 1 hr to go!!!  I found out I cannot live without IT!!!!

Small need,just a small one (insert sarcasm) for my camera so I can snap some photos of my Star Jewels top:)  Still waiting for the rest of the fabric to arrive,but it will be here Monday for sure.  Thank you awesome people.  More on them later!

ANYWHO, I have been ooogling at fabric over at flickr the last few days too.  Trying to do a couple swaps here and there.  No such luck yet.  While there, I discovered another designer I reallly, reallllllly like!  Tanya Whelan and her Dolce,Darla and Delilah lines are scrumptious ya'll!!!

Getting way off track here, but that is easy when you start talking about fabric as ya'll know and LOVE;)

1Choice4Quilting is having a FAN-STINKIN-TASTIC giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IF you like Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree then you NEED to head on over and discover IT!!!  (YES I am talking about more fabric,hey you don't mind!)

Are ya drooling yet, are ya,are ya??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr Postman

I mailed off 4 packages today.  My cutting and sewing tables are cleared presently:)  Ahhhh....  

One was for a PIF lucky ducky (not sayin' who), one went to Canada for a swapping buddy (she has my FWQ book coming my way),one for Pam over @  Mama Sparks (another fabric swap) and one for my daddy and brother Brian (the baseball quilt for brother and the potholders for daddy).

I already received my fabric from Pam.  Yummy Jennifer Paganelli prints, oh they are delightful too!    Thank you Pam!!

So St. Croix,  around a Fat Eighth of each
Pretty and mine!

June has been good to me so far:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Star so Bright...My Faves

My creation by peachga11
My creation, a photo by peachga11 on Flickr.
Diamonds are forever ya know.  BUT in this case they are fabric diamonds;)   Sorry!

Some patchwork left and a couple borders will complete MY star top.  It has been worth the trials;)

Never give up my friends,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swap til I drop?

Never!!!(insert sarcasm please)

two Anna Marie Horner voile prints (no voile in my stash so can you use them in quilts or just for petting over and over?)
Thinkin' Heather Bailey has officially reeled me in with her designs!  Pop Garden is my cup of tea most def!!

These are all from Nancey over @ Kite and String.  Why?  Cuz she wanted a certain designer fabric that I had and so we swapped to our hearts content!
Don't think I will be "droppin" any time soon;)
Excuse me while I go gawk some more at these beauties.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh Patience where are you?

Patience.  Not so easy sometimes for me.  After having my son it has grown some, but then I started quilting.  I started working on the Star Jewel pattern to be specific.  Don't get me wrong I HEART this pattern, but it doesn't like me so much.  45 degree angles boo!  My seam ripper and I have become better friends!  

Got the diamonds stitched into rows of 3 and then stitched to create a diamond point.  Wish it was easier, but ya know-- what would I have learned new as a quilter if it were easy??!!  Struggles with this pattern will make me that much wiser for the next project.  The star has been born and I am working on the insetting method.  There are 4 squares, one for each corner and then 4 triangles.  Here is the pattern quilt Rebecca from Chasing Cottons designed.  Hope you can see what I am talking about from this pic.  Once I get the insetting done I will have the borders and pieced blocks left.  There is a light at the end of this one--I see it coming!!

She is a beauty in the Kona garnet,spice, and lagoon I will tell you that much!!!!  I cannot show any progress quite yet,still need to order a charger for the camera.  Patience though right?!  That is going to bite me in the booty isn't it-lol.

Go see who else has signed up for Sarah's Whoop,Whoop Friday.

OH and almost forgot to mention a great website called  They are FABULOUS!!!  So many great tutorials,pics and the WOMEN are soooooooooooOOOOOO helpful!!!!  There was a TON of info on there about the star (aka Lone Star or Star of Bethlehem).  They have get me through some tough spots in the piecing area and saved me from some other trouble areas.  I cannot say enough about that site and NO I am in no way affiliated just proclaiming it like it is that is all!

Alright off to inset 3 more triangles.

Quilting rocks!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is this the Southwest?(long post sorry)

I have been called to make a quilt for the guest bedroom and to try to finish it in time for my MIL's visit.  This is at the hubby's request.   I am secretly very pleased to do so, BUT I like to give him some heck for it along the way-he,he.

Onto the room,  before we moved into our new house, we had a Southwest theme going for us in our house in Arizona and in Georgia.  By the time we arrived in NC, we were tired of it to say the least.  We thought we would hey ,why not let our guests experience a little Southwest when they come out to see us!  Well, that, AND we didn't want to trash all the accumulated items that we had to include vases,rugs,a rustic ladder,pictures,EVEN a bulls head that we rescued from our visit to Mexico years ago.  (The bull's head is in good taste I promise.)

Once my expertise skills were called upon, the hubs and I had to come up with a pattern that we both could agree on.  One that we would see day after day, month after month(you get the picture!).  I started flipping through magazines and the hubs started looking online.  Back and forth we disagreed on this.  He kept picking out these patterns that were over the top with applique and other things that would take some time and HELOO I only have 5 weeks to create this glorious quilt!!  I LOVE my hubby dearly as ya'll know, BUT  a lot of the time sometimes he likes to push my buttons to see what I will say.  All in good fun though.

Anyway----I was flipping through a magazine and picked out a pattern and he said that he would rather it be with points, more SW looking I guess.  Then THE LIGHT BULB moment!!!  I went and grabbed my beloved Star Jewels pattern I was given from Chasing Cottons, Rebecca.  I have been sitting on this particular pattern for months due to other quilting projects of course.  I brought it to him and HE LIKED IT INSTANTLY!!!!! 

The journey began......ok so now what were the colors going to be for this SW themed quilt???  We looked at some SW rugs online and got some ideas. 

Top to bottom: Kona Garnet, Spice, Lagoon and Black

This is the pattern I am using:)  OH how I heart this pattern.  Adore. it. so. 

I am working with 2.5" diamonds for the center star.  They started off as a trial let me just tell ya'll.  I have never  done 45 degree angles OR anything like it.  My seams were ripped out 3 times on one "point" of the star and then the 2nd star "point" was ripped out 4 times.  THEN.  I stopped and thought there has GOT TO BE a way to do this and get those seams dead on.  Don't get me wrong Rebecca your pattern is wonderful, I just needed a picture for me that I could decipher.  I tend to always need just that extra simple description.  Just how I work I guess.  I am also that person that has to read directions 10 times before I "get" it!!

After about an hr of scouring the internet for a great tute on how to join the diamond rows once they are sewn as 3 to a row. The quilting board  website came to the rescue with a gal's link to a fabulous tutorial for doing diamonds on a star---yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  My day was turned around and in a matter of 5 minutes I had not 1, BUT 2 diamond points completed and starched!!  All with pins as well!  NOW I must confess I do not use pins regularly, please don't hate me  This particular quilt---OH yes you bet your booty I am going to use pins because it works!!!

I really wish I could show you my three points that I have completed so far.  The camera battery is MIA and  a new one is being ordered.  Technology eh.

Off to do some more piecing and pinning;)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not for Monika's eyes yet!!

Paper piecing fool that I am  or that I have become has led me to this finished beauty!!
 I may be addicted to it none the less with its perfect points  and endless possibilities;)
Fabric: Kona White and Blueberry and Connecting Threads
Binding: Kona Buttercup
Monika wanted spring colors so this is what I found in my stash--thought it would be perfect for her!  Hope she likes!  It's a Joann's print that I have had for some time.

I think this took a few days to put together so I am very proud of it and I hope Monika smiles when she sees it!!  It will be hard to part with this one-BUT I can make more if I like;)

Quilting rocks!!