Hi fellow quilters!  I am Sara and I love to quilt.  Four years ago I would have told you, "I am never going to quilt and more importantly NEVER going to sew.  I inherited a sewing machine from my Grandma and never used it.  It would travel with me everywhere in its wooden table.  I cannot even remember the manufacturer of that machine.  I sold that machine.  At a flea market of all places.  Remember I had no want or need I thought for it!  Needless to say, I was very disappointed in myself, but I know today that my Grandma is probably looking down on me and smiling knowing that I DID become a sewer--AND a quilter.  If she isn't happy, then Grandma I am so sorry please don't kick my butt when I get there!

What made me decide to pick up this very addicting habit then you ask?
Inspiration. It came from my MIL when her and I made PJs together years ago. It came from a neighbor I once had in AZ whom sewed.  I saw her work and her sewing space and started to think.  Why not?  Why in the heck haven't I tried this "quilting" thing on for size?  My Grandma sewed and my godmother as well which provides me with a link.  I just needed a swift kick in the "you know what" to get me to realize that quilting is my real passion. 

Believe it or not, I am you tube taught as well.  Everything is from the internet that I learn and I love to learn about quilting so I just keep going back for more.

I also love helping others figure out something that has them stumped.  Whether it be their sewing machine or binding or whatever related to sewing.  Please ask and I may be able to help!

Here I am.  A quilter and ready to conquer the world with my sewing skills as best I can!!  Watch out for new things on my blog!!

Take a chance on something and see what results:)