Monday, January 27, 2014

Posies for Our Girlie

As ya'll know I am getting down to the wire with this baby baking thing!  Can you believe I had managed to make everything else for our little girl except a quilt??!!  Well I had one for her room,but the colors didn't agree totally with the violet walls.  

I figured 5 more weeks until due date so why not try to get a good start on her quilt.  Little did I know I would finish this quilt with still 3 weeks to spare before Jade arrives!!  Posy by Aneela Hoey was already planned for her long ago.  I needed a pattern.  First one that came to mind was the lattice design I have seen many times before and knew that I wanted to make one day.  Amy Smart has an excellent one over MBS that took 2 charm packs and 1 yd of sashing fabric. 

One day to cut all the charms from the fat eighths and the Kona purple for sashing.  2nd day I started piecing and by the 3rd day I had a quilt top ready for quilting!  How is that for a speedy pattern.

Wanting to allow the sweet Posy prints to stand out on their own, I did a simple serpentine stitch in Aurifil 50wt Blossom Pink for the quilting.  I worked my way through each of the rows, horizontally and diagonally.  Very nice, easy going quilting.

peach, pink, mint,lilac and deep purple oh my!  I was gushing wildly over them all!

Oh and guess what I used for the backing?!  Cuddle Minky!!!!  So worth every Fuchsia  piece that I had on my belly and all over my cutting table;) Maybe next time I will be brave enough to do some FMQ with this luxurious stuff!! 

Texture is marvelous and this stuff really is like butter.  Literally! Stitches are so well hidden too:)

I figured since the rest of the quilt was a snap,why not do an extra special binding on her. Using this tutorial here, I got to work on a faux piped binding.   I had some minty Mary Engelbreit on hand and some broadcloth in pink leftover from another project that matched beautifully.  This a definite success and I can see myself using this technique again.  The finished look of it blows me away every time I look at this quilt!!!

There you have it!  A Posy quilt for Jade!!!!  There is some batting in the center to stabilize it better.  Otherwise I was afraid there would have been too much drape to it.  I was still torn, I didn't want it to be too warm for her either.  We do have the air conditioner on for quite a span of time in the summer and the house does get chilly.  Also, her room is probably one of the coolest in the house anyway.  So she should be just fine.  Cannot wait to see her cuddled up under it!!!!!!

Since then I have taken up a couple small, "one afternoon to finish" type things.

I was determined to make a coffee cozy for my Ayden's kindergarten teacher in honor of Valentine's Day.  She is an amazing, first year teacher that is so well organized, kind and giving to the kids.  My son ADORES her!  He likes to play this game with her every morning where he sneaks up on her and then says Boo!  Every. morning.  So cute!  The stitched pattern is from feeling stitchy's blog.  

By trying out my new Sulky Paper Solvy, I managed to place the paper over the fabric and stitch it out fairly quickly.  Lots of lazy daisy and french knots stitching scattered around the heart.  Then I used a back stitch sparingly for the arrow.  The solvy was supposed to be easily removed in some lukewarm water.  I had a hard time removing all the little bits,but most of them are gone now.  Numerous water baths later.  Maybe I did something wrong, very frustrating:(  Concept wise it is great!

Chez Moi is on the front and some Kona in Pacific for the back.  
Ayden asked to give it to his teacher and of course I obliged.  Just need one of those ever so popular hearts full of delicious chocolates to go with her cozy!  **I heard that she is an avid coffee drinker so this should be perfect!

Simultaneously, I was working on an appliqued onesie for Jade.  I winged the bunny and added the flannel nose and tail and cotton eye last minute.  It was a joy to create!

I cannot recall what fabric this is as there was no selvage either.  I fused the bunny to some Pellon Wonder Under and then stitched it down to the onesie. For the outline stitch, I did a repeating "x" available on my Janome MC 6500.  Eeeeep!  It. is. going. to. be. so CUTE on her!!!!!

Let's see what else I can get into, in between napping and taking it easy *wink, wink*

****BTW, thank you to everyone that asked about my appointment last week.  It is wonderful to have caring, sweet followers!!****



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Violet Twist

There was a bit of indecisiveness going 'round with what color to choose for Jade's room.  Pink?  The hubby said no.  I was swayed toward soft blues for awhile.  I was trying to match the color to my Dancing Stars quilt to be honest.  I was looking at some fabric online (shocking)  and found the color periwinkle.  Showed it to the hubby and he agreed that a shade of purple would work!  It is always a huge plus to have both parties in agreement.  I went to Lowes and looked at some paint chips to find periwinkle.  The one that they carried wasn't exactly the right shade I was envisioning.  I grabbed some that were similar and brought them home.

Isn't it a breath of fresh air with a lingering scent of lilac perhaps.  I. love. it.  Just in case you couldn't tell that already---hehehehe  Valspar Violet Twist I love you!!!!!!

I adore her room with all the light streaming in every morning and my nice,new comfy rocker/glider I bought for a steal from Craigslist.  (See the Dancing Stars quilt??)

Originally, hubby was going to paint one wall and do a mural across it.  The violet was going to clash with the other 3 tan walls so we had to nix that idea.  I told him well since you are painting the whole room then let's skip the mural and do one in Ayden's room instead.  He is 6 yrs old and will be able to appreciate it:):)  I LOVE THIS MAN!  He went ahead and did a quick butterfly sketch with flowers instead and surprised me!

I am 36 weeks and I have an appointment today with my doctor to see where Jade is hanging out in my belly;)  I will keep ya'll updated!



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Banner of Love

 About a month ago the idea to do a banner in Jade's room sprouted in my pregnancy brain.  It started off simple and the more I thought about it the more elaborate it became.  Once I started to dream about it at night I knew I HAD to accomplish this banner.  Whatever it took!  So I set aside all my weird,quirky,what in the world type dreams (I blame on this pregnancy) and brought out my perle cotton and needle.
 Each letter was picked out from Google images, printed off and traced onto Kona white fabric with my "dear to me" Frixion pen.  I used a variety of stitches on each letter to make it more of a learning experience.  The "J" was mostly back stitching though,but I did add in a little satin stitch and french knot action.  I can be crazy that way!
 For her next letter, I did a chain stitch that I was mostly proud of, more strands of perle might have been handy.  My leaves were done in my new fave fish bone stitch.  Flowers are back stitched.
 "D" was my favorite, in that, I enjoyed doing the two tone pink flower with the fish bone for the leaves once again.  Satin stitch and back stitching too.
 Last, but not least was my "E"  Ah...well this letter I was not totally happy with the result of the split stitch.  Pulling was occurring in some areas.  I puttered away at it though and got her done!  Trusty fish bone and satin stitching.  For the yellow flower, a blanket stitch.
 Kona Blueberry in the border and binding and Cotton Couture Lavender for the side borders. 
 I found the purple lace trim at JAF for a great price and I am head over heels in love with it:)

Timeless Treasure tree print for the back which I thought tied in nicely to the theme of the letters.

 I was in heaven making these letters for my little girl.  Hope to see it hanging on her wall for many years to come and that she will want to have it as a keepsake from her mama forever.

Hugs to all!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Fresh

I have a finish that has been waiting to be shipped off for a week.  It started off as picking out some pretty blue prints from my stash for my SIL.  She is doing the baby's room in blue and gold.  I did manage to sneak a few pinks in as well for good measure.  She is having a girl like me and we are both due within a couple days of each other.  Once I had all my charm squares cut out, the piecing was underway and I was happily sewing.

Inspiration for this baby quilt came from Nana's Company.  I stitched the bunny,kitty and teddy bear from a pattern on Etsy by Nana's Company.  The only thing different is the size of the overall quilt I enlarged. and I bound the quilt instead of using lace as she did in hers I believe.  I had some leftover pale blue ric rack that I thought paired extremely well.

For the quilting, swirls everywhere.  They were a lot of enjoyment!  (see some of the pinks)  When I washed it and then air dried, I was in love with how crinkly it turned out. 

Chevrons in flannel are Riley Blake and the binding is Kona in a blue shade.

My favorite designers are embedded in this quilt.  Sarah Jane, Aneela Hoey and Tasha Noel.  Patchwork quilts and hand embroidery...ahhhhh.........sweet bliss <3 br="">

I sent it off yesterday with an arm saver (like I showed you in my previous post) in blue and colorful dots!!!  Hope it brings her a big smile!