Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitches and New Potholders

 I picked this Daisy Chain Sampler up about a month or so ago and haven't put it down since! 
 It was thrilling to pick out a variety of perle cotton threads to go with each and every letter.
 Through the process, I have picked up lots of new stitches to include the short and long stitch, lazy daisy, chain, french knots, stem, fly, blanket and satin stitch.  I have added them to my bag of tricks when it comes to embroidery.  So this girl knows more than the simple back stitch now!
 A sampler has taught me to slow down and enjoy each letter.  No rushing allowed.
 Satin stitches are by far the most time consuming,but when they are all done they look mighty pretty!
 Color was what I had in mind with this as I knew that if I stuck to two or three colors I would drive myself batty.  I have the personality that I if I start something, I have to finish it.  Soon!
 With each thread and needle passing through the cotton, I was able to keep my mind off of pending tasks.  Our baby girl is one of the top three;)
 Playing favorites here....
 a cluster of lazy daisies brightened my day.  Does it do it for you?
 Tiny violets crawling up a vine gracefully.
Pink and yellow.  Tickles my soul!

I may have to go pick out some more yummy, new colors of perle cotton;)

First I have to go find myself a frame for this and get it hung up in Jade's room!!!!

On Sunday, I had to make some potholders.  Just because.  You see my old ones are pretty well loved. 

I found a pattern in one of my older 2012 APQ magazines.  It actually reminded very much of the economy blocks that are popping up everywhere these days.  Square in a square block.

Fabrics are Ruby by Bonnie and Camille Roskelley and Alexander Henry and little bits of Kona Red

I decided to simply do without the binding for once and just top stitch the turned edges.  All in all I am very happy with them and they really brighten my kitchen up.

**40 weeks tomorrow or full term to be exact....I have an OB appointment Wed in the afternoon.  Maybe she will choose a date sooner!**



Monday, February 10, 2014

Per Hubby's Request

I was packing an overnight bag the other day  and nonchalantly telling hubby what I was bringing in it for Jade.

I showed him one of the receiving blankets I had made and blogged about in recent months.  Suddenly, he chimed in with "doesn't she have a smaller blanket that is softer as well?"  Huh...didn't think of that hon!  As quilters, you know what happened next;)  The wheels were 'a turning.  Before you know it I was upstairs, in my sewing room Sunday, creating a soft blanket for our girl!

With some "pear" minkee dot and leftover Magenta Cuddle minkee, I pieced the back.  The front is a butterfly print in flannel with a ruffle trim sewn on by moi!  I used Aurifil in Blossom Pink for the top stitching around the entire blanket.

Little girl will be embraced in the softest blankie ever!!!!

*OH and it's been hubby approved! *



Zipper Pouch Dilemma


I wanted to make a zipper pouch with this tutorial by Jeni B for Ayden's teacher assistant.  The problem was I finished it and now I don't want to part with it:(

I used up some scraps from the heart mini and had to only make a few more HSTs.  Then I bordered it in Kona Purple and backed it in a Joel Dewberry print.  I am not a huge fan of purple,but it has grown on me significantly.  So it seems;)

Hmmmm.....what to do, what to do??!  Has this happened to you ever?  You loved the end result so much, you didn't want to gift it?  Sounds terrible I know.



Quilty Friend

Have you ever met another blogger and instantly became friends in different area codes?  That person that you share so many common interests with and email one another back and forth.  Week after week?  I hope you do because I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on that kind of friendship.

A very special friend that I made in the last year or bit more blogs over at Busy Bee Quilts.  Her name is Jamie.  We click very well.  So much fun!  Of course we each have our own lives, our own ups and downs and our own kids and hubbies to live with from day to day, month to month etc.  During this season of each of our lives, I am thinking there was a virtual {HUG} needed if you will.

As ya'll know, I am having a baby--soon!  8 days to go until the big day (give or take)!!!!  I may have mentioned this once or twice;)  Well......Jamie was VERY kind, sweet and generous to me!

We both share a love of Tasha Horsley prints, fabric; what have you.    Aren't these illustrations "cheek pinching" adorable??!!!  To say I LOVE them is an understatement. Cannot wait to show them off in Jade's room!!!!!!  Jamie placed them in white frames too.  I had told her in an email that I was going to add pops of white to Jade's room. Sneaky girl!

She also sent me some handmade goodies to include a bib backed in chenille and DARLING booties with strawberries on them.  Jade's toesies will be thankful!  We had also discussed that Jamie loves Land O Lakes hot chocolate...well we don't have one here either.  She orders hers online and she sent me some!  See why she is a SPECIAL lady????? lol;)  Love her!   Thank you Jamie!!!!!

Now I already knew that she was sending me something in the mail.  Weeks prior to that though, I had wanted to make something for her because of  other reasons.  She needed one of those virtual {HUGS} and I was going to bless her in a way I knew I could!

I wanted this heart wall hanging to be perfect for Jamie.  I visited IG often to get others opinions on the layout and in the end I am very happy with this mini.  I was a little leery about the orange,but I think it suits it well.

There are three  Kate Spain fabric lines in there,  to include, Terrain, Fandango and Central Park.  The binding is a Kaffe Fassett dot in purple.  I added 2 tones of purple perle cotton around the outside of the block.

The backing consists of an Art Gallery print and Kona Purple.

For quilting I did straight lines 1/4" on each side, of each row of squares/HSTs.

Jamie was very happy with this heart and I am too!!!!

Treasure your friendships!!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Snowfall,Stitching and Fun Finds

 This past week, Ayden went to school Monday.  That is it.  The rest of the week he was on SNOW days!!  Perfect time to do a little homework every day.  Get a science experiment in.  Have a snow ball fight!  Be silly as a family!!  Loved. it. to. pieces.
 A few posts or more back I told ya'll about the Daisychain ABCs Sampler from Alicia Paulson.  Well, I started her up and these are some progress shots. 
 I used Warm and Natural batting on the back of the Kona to help stabilize my stitching and also to hide the thread on the back. Works like a charm.  Instead of crewel wool, I dug into my Presencia perle cotton thread.
 Alica Paulson's pattern calls for a variety of stitches to not only, keep you on your toes, but to keep it interesting!
 Color is key here and I love being able to play with all my perle cotton in one sampler.  The threaded back stitch for the letter "C" is one that I have not participated in thus far.  I like it more and more!
 Lots and lots of good practice with detailed instructions for each letter makes it all the more relaxing.
 Last night I was able to create the stitches needed for "D" and "E."
 Two letters a day is a pleasant pace for me.  Satin stitch galore for the "e" but so bold in cyclamen pink!  "D" is in lavender.
Somehow I had forgotten about a fabric designer that is dear to me.  A fellow blogger had mentioned her on her blog the other day and i felt the need to go check out her new blog.  Sandi Henderson's to be exact.  Then I joined her over on Instagram.  Yep you can find me over there too.  Anyway, while over at Sandi's neck of the woods, I discovered some free valentine envelope print offs!!  They are SEW darn cute and dainty!  They make you want to celebrate!  I printed off a few and decided that one will be designated to a friend and the other two are for teacher's of Ayden.  So go get your free envelopes! 

Maybe while you are cutting out your Valentines, you can head on over to for a sneak peaky at Katy Jones of ginger Monkey new Quilt Monkey program?!!  She is doing a fantastic job!!!  As soon as I knew she was going to have a show on QNNTV, I went right over and signed up for the year!  Tons of quilting shows to view whenever you want!!!!  Just wanted to share with ya'll!!!!

***Looks like I have 2 more weeks to go before Jade gets here!!!!!  The waiting game begins!!!!

May your week be filled with joy and stitching!