Saturday, September 21, 2013

In Stride

This week has gone by pretty darn quick with a meeting at Ayden's school one night, a turkey parade another and yesterday a turkey dinner at a local school that went along with the week that they celebrate their Turkey Festival here.  Now if only the upcoming week will sail by!  Next Saturday will be the BIG day for my ultrasound.  The one where I find out if Ayden will have a little brother or a little sister.  This is a very clear moment for me as I of course went through the same feeling with Ayden before we knew what sex he was going to be.  I must say it is truly one of the best feelings EVER!  Either way, boy or girl I am ready for the big reveal!  Feeling extremely blessed to be pregnant again!!

I have plenty.  Yes plenty of sewing to keep me busy and there is always Ayden to keep me moving and grooving as well. 

 I am working on my curves with my new Quick Curves ruler and there are many to be cut.  It's almost like I have my work cut out for me....hahaha  I couldn't resist;)  Once I changed my blade out for a new one, it was so much better too.

I also had to cut a whole lotta squares and then crosscut them into triangles which then are shaped with the ruler.  There are are also strips cut into rectangle sizes that need to be shaped as well.  Like I said LOTS of cutting.  Preciseness is key here.  At least Christmas is a few months away right?!  

Hey!  Where did these Christmas trees come from and why are they on my cutting table? 

This is a commission quilt for a sweet friend of mine from MOPS that I started the other day.  You may remember these guys from last year as I used them in two quilts.  One was auctioned at MOPS and the other was made for my shop.  My friend, Yvonne was really wanting one since she saw those two and so she asked me to sew one up for her home during the holidays. 

This white polka dot print is going to be the background color.  Isn't it super cute? 

That is what's keeping me busy.  What have all ya'll been up to this past week?


Monday, September 16, 2013

I cracked the whip....

Yes I had a pep talk with myself and got to work once I gained some energy again from growing a baby;)

Long time running was the idea in my head to make a pillow or two for my living room furniture.  Well I did make one and it is 20x20!  Comfy for lying down on the couch.  I used the tutorial from Hopeful Homemaker's Jennifer.

You know what, it was probably the right project to start off with too.  I knew it would require a lot of patience and precise piecing.  I did make a lone star last year,but that was a queen size which does help some.  There were some struggles with that one for certain.  This one did go smoother with a few hiccups along the way,but all in all I am pleased with it.

I had purchased the middle sketch print yardage months ago and Kona Grey.  The blues and orange were from my Pink Castle Fabrics Solids Club which is such a great solids builder.  I have every color of the rainbow to choose from now!

In the embroidery department, I managed to complete my little girl strawberry pattern.  This pattern is from Tasha Noel.  Thinking about putting it in the center of a girly quilt and using this pattern  I have had bookmarked for awhile to finish it as a block.

The paper piecing bug hit me up last week and so I whipped out the July Lucky Stars BOM....

then the August BOM.  Both were easy to piece sections.  Somehow the putting together of the whole block proposed some problems,but with some picking out and resewing I managed to make them  presentable.  Some DS dots worked their way in July BOM to keep with the color scheme as I was running low on my two main fabric lines by Aneela Hoey and Bonnie & Camille Roskelley.

It feels really good to be caught up on these guys!!

Plus I am ready to start a Christmas quilt for my family.  I like to do something quilted for our home every year.  The first year I did a tree skirt and the 2nd year I did a table runner.

pattern is courtesy of Pink Chalk Fabrics
This years project is the Metro Rings pattern by Jenny Pedigo.  I was searching HARD for a WOW pattern and after days of glaring at the computer screen this quilt won me over instantly when I laid eyes on it!  Here is a sample Jenny did in April of this year.  Nothing like it!!!  Once I get my Quick Curve ruler in the mail from Pink Chalk Fabrics I will be a cutting fool:):):)  I have a jelly roll and 2 charm packs of Crazy 8 by Sandy Gervais that I received from a good friend of mine that will be used for this quilt.

I am ready to hit up some of this beautiful cool weather we are having today!!

See ya'll soon!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vacation to Kindergarten

Oh gosh, where to begin since I have been away from my blog for some time now.  I climbed over the nauseous hurdle about a month ago.  Wow this 2nd pregnancy is strikingly different in many ways from being nauseous to having acne to being tired all the time.  Naps have been good to me.

We went to WI on vacation for a couple weeks and even ventured into MI to see my Auntie.  The days were filled with family,friends, fishing, badminton, campfires and lots of good local food to include delicious pizza!! The weather was fantastic too.  

my niece,Natalia

After returning, I tried to get back into the swing of things slowly as I was still nauseous daily.  Ayden started kindergarten at the end of last month.  He is learning so MUCH already and I am so happy that I taught him how to read over the summer and that we are continuing to presently.   They are even teaching the kids some sign language during the week.  He told me the other day that the most exciting part of his day is reading:):)  Yeay!!!

 I do have some amazing quilts to show ya'll  from my visit to the WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in Cedarburg,WI.  My MIL and I are were able to team up and see these all one day.  I think my MIL was so inspired by them that it was her main reason to take up quilting that day!!!  Nothing wrong in that!  She bought a table runner pattern at a quilt shop nearby in Cedarburg and all the fabric required for it.   She did make a queen size bed quilt for herself years and years ago so she does have a head start and I just know she will do great!

Onto the quilts from our day......

This one was all cross stitched if I recall.  Isn't it wonderful?!

Can you tell what this quilt is composed of before clicking on it? 

olive oil bottles!!!

Now I think this one is all knitted.  All the colors are gorgeous.

VERY pretty with the leaves I thought.

Tree quilts are my cup of tea!  Lots of tiny pieces went into this.

Embroidered gem!

Dimensional art

This was either punch needle or rug hooking.  I LOVE the texture in this technique...maybe someday I will try my hand at it.

THIS is a quilt!!  Can you believe it?!  Just fantastic!

Wish I could recall the material used for this piece,but remarkable work.

Star anise!!! Unique.

A huge barn with prize pieces of work. 

A must see!

Summer was very good to my family and I.  I am very thankful!

Until next time,