Sunday, November 11, 2012

Being Sick and Trying to Kick it!!

Everyone is sick with something or another once in awhile especially this time of the year or so it seems.  That sick bug has hit me today with a sore throat and feeling like a train ran me over.

It could be the running hobby I have taken a liking to these past couple of months:)  It is only 2 days a week, 25 minutes a shot on the treadmill,but I think I need to keep that water/sweat ratio in check a bit more.

  It could be from all the stinkin' flower bulbs I planted in the last few days.  The temps were down quite a bit in NC at around the 50 mark.  I had a jacket on zipped and then unzipped.  Sweaty from digging 170 something holes altogether.  Spring will tell the truth.  Hoping my rewards are plenty!

gladiolas photo courtesy of

freesias photo courtesy of
oriental lilies photo courtesy of Adrienne dePitera
alliums photo courtesy Pacific Bulb Society
Very anxious to take my own snapshots of my own gardens!

As for the sewing front where things are not so Spring oriented,  I knocked out that table runner for my house this Christmas a few weeks ago.

I threw in a lot of quilting designs for this runner to get my feet extra wet and get over some fear of branching out.

I saw this design recently on Youtube and went for it the next day!  Pat on the back for me;)  There is also this blog that has been inspiring me quite a bit too. 

Practice makes perfect.  Eventually.  For now,experimenting my heart out!

All those curls are pretty exhilarating to create.

December is right around the corner.  In my wishful thinking;)

Blitzen lives with this girl now so "tis the season" folks------haha!!  25% off coupon from my LQS does the creative soul just fine.

Josh (my #1 VET!!) and Ayden went to dinner at Applebees tonight to celebrate Veteran's Day and I am here enjoying talking to ya'll and sneaking in some movies on ABC family:)  Hoping they are returning with some soup for this sick mommy.

Happy Veteran's Day!  

Have you said thank you to a Vet today or hugged one?  Be sure to recognize our great warriors in some way today!


Saturday, November 10, 2012


Man oh man how the month of October has vanished quickly!  We are into November??  Really??  I have not been absent from sewing though:)  This is a good note for you the reader AND me the quilter-ha!

Where to start....well if you remember on my previous post I was messing around with some Christmas trees for a MOPS raffle quilt to be raffled off on the 28th.  I completed it and being a quilter and all I have started another with all the remaining scraps:)  The same pattern and everything!  I blame it on the hubby as he said that I should do one for my shop!!  No I should.  I know,I know.

These are blocks from the raffle quilt.
I will say that this is such an easy pattern and definitely geared toward a beginner quilter in my opinion.  You get to use up some scrappy strips of fabric and it all comes out super cute in the end!!  If you don't like borders, it can be tedious,but very rewarding in the end product.

All of the fabric was donated by our mommies from MOPS and lots of Kona raffia by myself.  I can see a child spending his or her time looking at all the different Christmas fabrics displayed in this quilt.

Very high-spirited! I already brought it to a meeting and there were several smiles,ooohs and ahhs.  Enough to make this girl **blush hard!**  Some couldn't believe I had already finished it!

 One of the ladies quilts as well so she brought in yds and yds of fabric which was great for the backing!! 
 Looking around online for inspiring quilting designs to FMQ,I decided to do a tree design from my own creative thoughts;)  I used some Sulky in green that was collecting dust in my closet and it went a long way.  I still have some left.
 Each tree has a different border around it to disperse the prints evenly within the whole quilt.
There were some red and cream blocks that I had used in a baseball quilt for my brother last year  that I had leftover with no home.  This worked out lovely for the theme---love it when that happens!  There is also a collaborated bible verse that I sewed on the back in the middle of that diamond:  Luke 2:10 & 19. 

Oh and another thing, the binding skills worked themselves out for the best with this one!!    Tree Quilt measures: 50x60ish and it will be perfect to cuddle with on those cold nights watching an old Christmas movie with some popcorn.  Hopefully all the Halloween candy will be gone by then.  In my house anyway;)

Most satisfying part is trimming those tree sides down:)

Maybe after this next one for the shop,I make one for myself and family and then off to the nutty bin for me!!! lol just kidding! 

There you have it.  Now maybe you know why October zoomed by?!