Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday wishes come true

If any of you read my posts often, you know that I have been craving some older collections of Tula Pink:)  Satisfied that!!!

 Some of these, also on my list-----check!!


A few days before my Birthday I received a package from UPS that MY sweetie told me would be coming and that  I would have to sign for it---my brain was in full gear at that point-----WHAT IS IT?!

Waited for that UPS guy until 5PM, signed for it and brought into the kitchen--heart pounding.  Slowly open the small box---hmmm what COULD IT BE?!  

Kay Jewelers appeared on a flier inside---wh----atttttttttttt IS it???????????

The blue print is a hint:)

This is IT!!!!!!

 Sapphires and diamonds--chaaaaching!!!!!  Need some insurance people!  

 The hubby has EXCELLENT TASTE IF I do say so myself--and I called him right away of course to thank him and he asked me if I liked it----OF COURSE!!!!!  Awesome!!!!  You rock BABY!!!

  If that wasn't awesome enough, this year my Birthday was on Black Friday---hmmm, well, I could look at that in a bad way or a good one.

 I chose to work it to my benefit---he,he: )

Woke up early, AND I mean as early as 5AM and headed over to Joann's AND then again today at around 6:30AMAyden slept over at a friend's the first day and today I bought him breakfast for coming along!


Thread was $40 with gift card and 20% off     say WHAT!!!!!
Cutting table $60!!!!!!  It's all assembled and ready to be broken in--Ayden helped his momma;)

I'm in heaven (sing along!!)

Afterward it was onto Toys R Us for Ayden's presents--tis the season of course.  Got some great deals there as well.  The little guy will be very pleased.  I also scored some great outfits that were marked down and the cutest sleeper ever:)

Later, I drove my friend, Steph's car back to her house, I used it for the big stuff I purchased and helped her get ready for her trip.  

Finally we ate some Birthday pizza and then Steph and her family wished me a Happy Birthday with a molten cake and a candle on top---love ya Steph!!!!!  She brought me upstairs  to pick out some fabric from her stash too!!!! (definitely doing that for her Birthday in Feb;)

COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Turning 30 isn't so bad after all---I just divulged my age---yikes---not a bad feeling either.

OK well this old fart has to hit the hay now because I am pooped just talking about all that!!! 

Love ya'll,



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are you Thankful for?

Just a quick post to remind everyone to truly remember what they are thankful for the most.

As for me:

I am thankful for,


my hubby

my extended family 


my home

yummy food always:)





on and on it goes.

Stop tomorrow on the day of thanks and remember what it's really about.


P.S.  here is a wonderful list of scriptures and quotes to think about.  



Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am Free to Roam

Free from spending money???  NAH!  Free from spending a lot?  YES!  

With gift card in hand, I went to Joann's the other day and bought up some needed notions,embroidery thread and fabric.

The orange and green is to finish up the sashing and border for Sherbet top.  Kona Surf and Midnight and some Kona coal are for a special somebody from Sue's shop.  Simply Solid Fabric is an amazing shop online that will customize your Kona order to whatever specifications 
 you give her---how GREAT is that folks!!  She labels each piece of fabric with the color as well!!!  Lovin' it!!!!

Back to Joann's purchases now, I also found this very,very cute birdcage patterned fabric for $2 off a yd so it was $6 a yd!!  Snatched up some of this eye candy right away.
See all the little birdies in the cages?  Click on the pic to see them clearer maybe.

Onto some variegated perle cotton thread for a secret project for a friend's Christmas gift.  These are soooo pretty:)

Just looking at them is satisfying for me at this pointThey may be my new favorites when it comes to thread shopping.  Texture really comes to life when using these babies!!

There has been a sale going on at a local quilt shop that has since closed as of yesterday evening, very sad to see a shop go like that as we all know.

On a brighter note, the owner was able to sell everything off with the exception of a few small things.  Yeay!!   Of course I contributed to some of that!  I bought some fat quarters awhile back from them and yesterday I ran over there the last hour before they shut the doors and bought up a bolt of interfacing for 70 cents a yd, the rest of a  bolt of a green and white floral print for $2 a yd and the remaining 4 or 5 yds of a gray/black floral print fabric for $2 a yd. 

THE best purchase decision I made though was to marry this man.  Congratualtions baby on your promotion to Warrant Officer for the Army!!!!  It was a true blessing to be there for your graduation:)

                                                           WE LOVE YOU

Enjoy your Sunday and each other slowly,


Saturday, November 20, 2010

In print

Won this for Ayden over at Jeri Lander's blog  a few weeks ago!
Look they even added some quilting pics in the book for ME---he,he,he!
You can also find around 100 hidden bunnies throughout the pages of the book;)  I think I may be more excited than the little guy;)

I also received a book from my in laws for Christmas (YES Christmas started early here!).

Looking forward to diving into this one soon!!!

Challenging for sure:)

Though Fun indeed---E!!

This giveaway here looks really fun too!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!


Friday, November 19, 2010

the BEST reason to quilt

My MIL, Teri with her newly gifted quilt!!!!


My first gifted quilt is out of the way now and it feels real good!!  Definitely motivation to finish the next;)

Yeay for the first chance to create a coin quilt *squeal* and there is a definite smile across my face with the way the lime green, pink and orange are coordinating so well together;)  I have the Kona orange and chartreuse green to go ahead with the sashing and border, but I haven't made time for it lately to be honest.   There have been other things which have taken all my time, but that is alright.  I will get to you soon sherbet top----soon!  For now I get to stare at these pops of color on my design wall--not a bad trade off;)

Happy Friday folks!

Also please go check out Retro Mummy for a very pretty giveaway.

Take care,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Relaxation in the form of thread

A cut embroidery pattern was calling my name and an instant smile was on my face.  I could kick back in a chair and relax while Ayden watched a Land Before Time movie(his favorites!). 

With all the blue MarkbGone pen it is hard too see my stitching on some areas, but you can get an idea of what I am working on now.  I also had to redo the birdie, it was looking a bit rough around the edges;)  I really like how the two toned thread came out on him though and his little beak is pretty cute!

A few peach toned french knots for the "tree people" eyes and the rest is done in a simple back stitch and some satin stitching as well.  I used a pastel green for the tree outline, soft blue for the first tree's ornaments and greyish purple thread for the next tree.

Wondering what colors to go with for the snow areas on the trees and the ground.  Thinking of mixing white with one of the three colors below.  OR should I buy a pretty variegated thread instead?  Help anyone?

 Maybe I will win some of these for my embroidery projects!  Aren't they super cute:)

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hr! 
Take care,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

In the making...

Maybe for some this is a lot of fabric and others this is the tip of the iceberg?!  For me, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to organize things get it it where I want it while my hubby is not present.  I took a day and grabbed all my fabric from upstairs in my home and brought them downstairs to where everything else sewing related was accumulating in my studio dining room slowly throughout the week;0)

I found this storage rack thing in my hubby's Army closet and figured---ah-----well, he won't be using it anytime soon for clothes, socks, etc.  I snatched it!!  There is a small crack in my plan or rather an annoyance that has occurred though.  I cannot put any fabric on the second shelf because the top fabric boards overlap onto the next shelf---uuuurrrrrrghhhh.  Oh well- such is life right?!  My Ayden already figured out how to topple the whole thing over as well, but it is back in working order currently (I WILL let you know if anything changes!)  It has been nice to see all my fabric in one place and not have to go up and down the stairs to grab yet another fat quarter, yardage or whatever.  I am also finding myself thinking of new color combinations as I sit and eat with Ayden at the dining room table cutting table.  I KNOW I am obsessed, but who isn't that is a quilter??  Speaking of obsessed, I think I have become a little obsessed with this fabric line that I won over at Talk About Fabric recently.

greens,yellows and purples-oh MY!

Even though I am working out of my dining room, it still feels so great to be able to have my own little nook for creativity to spread its wings freely:  )  This is what I have started on recently, but now am at a stand still due to needing more fabric!  See, so maybe my stash isn't so bountiful--he,he,he!
Really, though I need more yardage to make the LONGGGGG sashing strips and the borders too because this will be a twin size.  A twin?  I AM taking on another challenge with another twin size quilt you heard me right!

This is the quilt, only in my version the yellow and red will be obsolete and the colors are orange, green and pink, rainbow sherbet. I am taking the skinny sashing strip on each side of the wider sashing strip out completely.   Don't really feel the need for it.   It is definitely one that I have been wanting to tackle for awhile.  I A.D.O.R.E. it very much!!!  There have been doggie ears on the pages for this quilt for many months!  Cute, fun and quite easy.

I have also started an embroidery Christmas pattern!  I am stitching the Christmas trees on the far left bottom corner.  Aren't they too cute for words!  I just wish there was more updated posts on Annie Oakleaves (the designer of this pattern) blog:(

Eventually I would like to do a couple other patterns from the collection on the toweling fabric I have bought.  (It's not osanburg cloth, but still very good fabric.) Anyway I cannot wait to see the whole towel stitched up.  I will be sharing some pics on here of  my WIP soon.

With all this sewing going on, you probably wouldn't guess that Ayden and I have been under the weather for the last couple of days!  We are trying to get as much R&R as we possibly can before our trip to AL this coming Tues for my hubby's graduation!!  So excited to see him and congratulate him and pin his new rank on his shirt:)  Very happy times right now!!

SO please pray that we are at our best for our upcoming travels and that we arrive in AL safely!!

Go see Lavender Ridge for another sweet giveaway too!!

Hugs to all my blogger friends,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcoming Fall!

Oh the weather is getting cooler outside and cookies are baking in the oven and scents of apples brewing in a pot with cinnamon are amongst us all now.  Sipping warm apple cider makes me feel all wonderful inside and comforted by the season of fall in the air! 

To celebrate, here is my finished pumpkin wall hanging gracing its presence on my front door entrance.

my hand stitching is getting better and my pace is moving on up:)

crinkly and soft, ahhhhhhh!

Brown, yellow, orange and green floss were used throughout

enjoying the scrappy binding more and more each time

Happy Fall Everyone,