Friday, April 27, 2012

My mojo is Not on Vacation!

Just because the hubby is home for a couple of weeks from the "sandpit" does not mean I have been slacking off in the quilting room;)  Between helping him with his saltwater tank hobby,eating out,creating meals with hubby and spices or I should say my spicy hubby (tehehe),picking strawberries, teaching Ayden preschool curriculum,gardening..blah..blah.....blah.

I have been spiffing up my Etsy shop,added a quilt back that has not seen the light of day for a couple of months and had slipped my mind:P  Strung Along is in the shop again here.  I love this quilt because it was real labor of love and it came out very playful and colors bursting out like a crayola crayon box!

Spring Melody is done and ready for a baby's sweet self!  I stippled the outside border and straight line/echoed the seams of the patchwork center.

Measures 33x35 1/2
The straight lines give it some sophistication and the stippling a little fancy ruffle/girly edge per say:)  I have been seeking out the perfect quilt for the owl print and this was the one!

There was just enough brown pindot fabric left for the binding so I squeaked it out to tie in with the back.  I am over the moon with the way the brown makes the yellow burst with pride!!

Anyone know of anyone that needs a baby girl quilt pronto?

I am thinking that little baby would love this;)  It's a thought!  It will be in the shop later tonight:)

Night ya'll!


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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nicely Done

What a perfect day.  The sun is shining brightly, there is a slight breeze and it is that time of the year to go pick some strawberries with the family.  Hubby is with us and all is well.  This morning the guys (Ayden and daddy) hit some golf balls at the driving range while mommy watched her two guys enjoy one another.  Yes it is a fantastic day indeed!

My rose bushes are in full bloom and looking their very best.

Wildflowers have taken a liking to their new home on my front porch. Filled with several surprises in the form of many different flower species ready to emerge their pretty selves:)

One of my blogging buddies, Tammie sent me this bag that words cannot put into a proper sentence to describe its perfection.  I simply adore this bag.  It has been a home for my hand quilting supplies lately.  It will get many years of usage for this girl!  Thank you with all my heart Tammie.  (I did a guest blog post on her blog a couple of months ago and I would do it again in a flash!)

Inside the bag was this cutie bird, some chocolate and jelly beans too:)  Ayden snatched most of it,but I hid the jelly beans---he,he,he...

Hand quilting my bed quilt......................ah....................such a nice process. 

Finca Perle Light Sea Green...the color is so light and wonderful!  Of course you all know how much I adore finca anyway!!

It is a slow process, nonetheless,  loving every second of it!

Since this is the case, I have decided to try to knock out a baby sized quilt for my Etsy shop as well.  

Lovely by Sandy Gervais

Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson (a square)

Fabric Traditions by Denyse Schmidt(couple prints)

Lace Elements in yellow by Art Gallery (border left and right sides)

Yellows,soft pinkish/reds, blues and greens reveals some spring for me!

It's A Hoot Owls by MoMo

 Brown Pin dots by Joann Fabrics

The owl print mimicked all the colors from the quilt top and so it was the winner.  I took the owl print and centered it with the pin dots around it as a frame.  Lookin' good;)

I pieced a lot of scrap batting.  Just waiting to get some sewing mojo and time to go get her pinned up and quilted.  Easy does it:)

I participated in the Colorful Charm Square Swap on Flickr recently so I should be receiving some pretty purple and green fabrics soon!

Kona Berry

 Rise 'N Shine by Glenna Hailey

These are the two prints I had in my stash for the swap.

Another blogging pal of mine and I decided we needed to do a swap many months ago.  Sidenote:don't you love blog friends---they are always sweet and kind and everything else positive..maybe cuz they don't know you in person?!  lol..just yanking ya'lls chain!!  Blogging friends are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

This friend of mine, Jessica blogs over at Quilty Habit and she is pretty cool ya know that!!  We agreed to do some fabric swappin'.   We each choose the other one's favorite designer(s) that was emailed to one another beforehand.  Then go buy some fabric for that lucky friend!  Maybe sneak somethin',somethin' extra in there too;)  How fun has it been?  Tons and tons!!  You should do it..............often:)  

I would love to show off what I got Jess,but she would probably be over here real quick tryin' to figure it out.  Not that she is nosy,but I know she reads my blog regularly cuz she is pretty cool----like I said already.  Really want to..................BUT I can't.

Time to go work some more on that quilt and hang out with my guys!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Country...

10 minutes away from our house we are spoiled with an ice cream place that has fresh homemade ice cream in pineapple,strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,butter pecan and so on!  Ayden gets the vanilla with marshmallows:P  They opened April 2ns and we have been there twice already!!  First was a surprise for Ayden and the second was a field trip with our local MOPS group.

 Down the road from the ice cream business the same farmers run a produce stand.  Yummy fresh fruit and veggies for us!

Let's go get some strawberries mommy!!

We need to go back for more:P  Just wonderful!!

This is the farm where the icecream and animals and crops are located!  These are the kids including Ayden (my blondie) running around before the tour started.
The kids had to make each animal noise before they could see it:)

I was thinking of a quilt batting when I saw this gorgeous sheep!

This boy weighed over 800lbs!!

Here's our group!

Such a beautiful place...right down the road.

When we returned I made this tilapia with red peppers,green onion,olive oil, lemon zest,lemon peel and fresh mint for dinner.  Divine and some good clean eating.  Ayden had some fish sticks...he loves them:)  We were both happy:):):)

So what is going on with my bed quilt??

I got her all pinned up and ready to be tackled and that is where I stand.  I am contemplating how I want to quilt her yet.  She is going to be a handful at 96 1/2" squared!!

 Enjoy your week!!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Life

The azaleas are taking off in my gardens currently.

Here is a sneak peek of one after it shed its brown casing and right before it opens its beauty of a bloom.

I have two hydrangeas,but I transplanted one to the front yard as an experiment this year.  We got them last year when we moved into our new home.  Both did struggle through the summer and then I cut them down to about 6" each.  They both returned in February with bright green leaves!  Research has been telling me they love morning sun and then afternoon shade.  Hence, the reason for mving one to the front.  If all goes well with both locations then great.  If the one still in my back yard struggles again, it will be transplanted up to the side or front as well.

A frost is coming through around 4am tomorrow so I had to go out and cover everything:(  Really hoping everything does well.

I have 8 knockout rose bushes in the back yard starting to get real pretty:)

Dwarf snapdragons are patience grown from seeds.

 Kind of look like popcorn kernels maybe?:)

Nasturtium I planted 2 wks ago that I hope outlasts the frost!

And some daisies Ayden picked out for us.

Surprise little ladybug in my Japanese cherry blossom tree;)

Fire Red Calla Lily plant returning very cool!!

AND my peony bush came back...jsut hope it can withstand the heat this summer.  I may have to get some advice from my boyfriend (Johnny the local nursery guy down the road that could be my grandpa,such a sweetie) sorry Johnny I am taken!

Easter has passed us by and Ayden received some yummy jellybeans and bunnies this year.  Trigger(our boxer) wanted  to share..poor guy!

I think that will be all for now...I have more pics to come!!

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