Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Steps

Remember way back, when I started the Dancing Stars QAL?

When these....

Went to this?

Finito!  I wanted this done before I left for WI this Friday. I think I delivered.  Love when that happens.

It took me an hr or so to do the straight lines on each side of the vertical seams.  Another day and couple hrs to do the clams (which came from the highly recommended Natalia Bonner's book) inside each and every triangle.  That was fun and went quite quickly.  I find that the more direction the clams are able to take on,the better the end result.  Learning as I go, I find, is the best way I know how.  

I dawdled on the quilting part of this top A LOT.  I didn't want to take away from the stars beauty and therefore I didn't want an extravagant overall quilt design.  My seams were not all completely lined up either so my quilting lines had to work in a way so as not to show that fault up!  I feel I have achieved that.

For the binding,I wanted to tie in the dark blues throughout my outline embroidery stitching on the stars and the sailor print on the back.  The Kona Midnight (?) did the trick.  The sailor print on the back was one that I bought years ago at a flea market in GA.  It has a great home now!

She measures 33" square. Will it be up for sale in the shop?


I know you all are waiting for me to announce the answer to what my "post title" meant last time!

Several of you guessed it right away just by adding up the months it took to get to February 2014:)


Ayden is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh and I are really excited for Baby #2!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to show off some ultrasound pics along the way and my growing belly!!!!!

I had NO symptoms really except heartburn with Ayden.  Well...............this time round it is a little bit different.  Nauseous all day especially afternoon and at night.  Feeling of wanting to "you know what",but I haven't hugged the toilet yet.  Hoping for the best!  I am also tired constantly.  I take an afternoon hr nap and I am in in bed my 10/10:30 every night.

I am at 9 weeks today and I cannot wait to feel normal again so I can really enjoy this pregnancy.  I shouldn't complain too much,though as it could be so much worse from stories I have heard of pregnant mama's.

Ayden is very anxious to feel the baby kick and he KNOWS it's a boy.  He tells me all the time.  He even has a name for him---- Luke! 

So I may keep the Dancing Stars quilt for now until we find out if it is a girl or boy.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

February is going to be HUGE!

Let me dust off this little blog of mine and get right to the biz!  I have some projects to share that need some recognition as they have been sitting around for a while waiting for their special debut.

I did a test block for Kristy at Quiet Play recently.  Then decided this would be a very good pillow for that blondie of mine:):):)

I AM BATMAN!  I used Katy's excellent and FUN tutorial for making an envelope backed pillow and it was sooo easy!  Thanks Katy!

Kona Blue solid and Brooklyn Heights by Kitty Yoshida

Easy echo quilting and Viola!  a brand new 16" pillow ready for my Ayden!

I made a skirt too WITHOUT a pattern.  First time.  Turned out better than I expected!!  Hip,hip Hooray!  Kudos to my sewing buddy, Brittany;)  She showed me how to do it all from start to finish.

The other day I had a wonderful surprise email from my friend Pam telling me I won some Happy Go Lucky fabric!!!!  Made this girl's day complete.

Isn't it pretty?!

Well we are leaving next week Friday and I am very tickled pink to be going up to see family, some that I haven't seen in years and 1 new family member that was born last month.  My niece, Natalia!!  I will be getting pics of all her cuteness and with her quilt I made her.

Now you are probably wondering what the title of this post entails.  Hmmm.....

Thinking I should make ya'll guess!!

So much more fun that way:)

Guess away.......