Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My machine made me do it and other Tall Tales

Let's talk sewing machines shall we?  Janome will always be my main squeeze (besides my hubby of course).  Like all sewing machines, though, they need some extra TLC.  In walks Mr. Tuneup guy or sewing machine repair guy to the rescue!  I have put it off and put it off.  Excuse after excuse as to why I do not need to take my machine in quite yet.  Until this random starting and stopping while I was happily sewing along entered in.  This went on for a few months because as I said I was not going to stop my projects to take her in pssshhhhh!  Well now we are in the beginning of December.  What better time than now I say to myself.   The plus side of this,well, one of them is that it only cost me $65.  This is a bargain from what I have seen others were charged whom spoke about it online.  I took it in Wednesday and had it back to me Friday!  How is that for speedy service?!!   The service guy thought there could have been something wrong with the sensor.  Nope.  Just 4lbs of lint sitting on the bottom, on top of the sensor.  Oh so lucky!  Lucky me!

Now you think I would have had the decency to sew something on my newly cleaned dream of a machine.  Nah!  As ya'll know already we are nearing the best holiday of the year and there are just things that need to be taken care of now!

Starting new traditions with the family...

Wrapping handmade presents...

Making cookies...

 Looking at Christmas presents online for moi;)

I ordered the Alicia Paulson ABC crewel work pattern...

The directions are so nice.  Very detailed which makes everything pretty darn clear to follow.  I picked out all my colors to go with the color scheme Alicia picked out.  She used wool yarn though and I am using Precencia perle cotton.  This pattern came out years ago,but that actually works to my advantage.  This way I can browse other blogger's blogs to find out what they did for this pattern as far as color choices,material used and how they liked the pattern overall.  I am looking forward to starting this,but more than likely after the new year.

I also did some fabric shopping on fabric.com and picked up some minky on sale at 15% off for Jade's quilt backing and some nice flannel for another baby quilt in the making.  To round out the total and incur free shipping I added on a spool of Aurifil thread in bubblegum and some Sulky Solvy paper I have been wanting to try out.

Then I had an Amazon gift card from my B-day so I went over to their website and picked up a new 8" embroidery hoop and rotary cutter blades AND I was able to order the much sought after Vintage Quilt Revival book by Lee Heinrich, Katie Blakesley and Faith Jones.  I have to wait until the end of the month or beginning of Jan. before I see the book,but that's fine by me.  As long as it gets here safely!

My final splurge for Christmas entailed Wee Wanders by Sarah Jane.  I ordered 1 yd each of 5 different prints which should be be shipped to me at the end of Jan.  The fireflies and footprints lured me in---I couldn't help myself!!!!

After my overindulgence, I thought hmmm....maybe I should get some fabric for a changing pad.  Well..........laminate fabric is quite expensive and I knew I could get a changing pad elsewhere for much less.  I know, I know....but it won't be unique and handmade by mommy,but I DO have my limits.  I wanted laminate due to one obvious reason of keeping it clean easier.

Today it was the day to get that darn Lucky Stars December block finished and out of the way!

BTW....my Janome is working beautifully and I am oh so eager to do some real sewing on it.....not this 5 minute type stuff;)


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nothing Like It!

Holidays are in full swing and our house is turning into a Winter Wonderland.  If only outdoors would match us!  All we get is rain...wrong form of precipitation.  I may get side way glances from this statement,but I MISS SNOW!!  It doesn't have to be a lot.  A little will do.  Pretty white snowflakes that do not need shoveling like my roots in WI.  Magical white flakes that lift the spirit and complete the Christmas season. 

The Christmas tree is up and smelling of fresh pine!  I placed some twinkling white lights on it this morning.  When Ayden arrives home from school, him and I are going to do some ornament hanging.  Probably some Christmas music and hot chocolate too.  Warm and cozy times to come under our Twinkling Lights Quilt.  Inside from the unpleasant, rainy, cool weather. 

Aside from the stockings being hung and the the nativity scene on display, I did a Google search the other night to hunt down the letter "J" for our baby girl.  I am going to do her whole name in stitches and turn it into a banner for her room.  If you click on this above pic,it would help get a better view of what the letter looks like.  For some reason or another the camera or photographer was not cooperating;)  I started on a leaf of the beginning tulips last night and I can already foresee it is going to be  quite a lovely project to partake.  I am 30 weeks pregnant today and so this embroidery will keep me busy for awhile.

This is the diaper bag I spoke about last week.  All finished and ready for goodies to be placed inside.  I used an older tutorial for this one and if you email me you can get it from me if interested.  Simply because  I wasn't super thrilled with the tutorial altogether.  I wish there had been more pics for those of us who, aren't avid bag makers.  Some steps were flat out confusing and it took me reading them several times,several before I grasped what she meant.  Even then I still had to unpick a few times.  Overall it was an easy bag to create.  More details though and it would have been fun.  I used heavy weight interfacing,but not enough.   That was my fault,but I think once it is filled up it will do fine.  Also, the elastic for the inside double fold bias edging was supposed to bunch up some,but it really didn't serve its purpose.  Better luck next time in that front.

What I do really like about this bag is the magnetic closure which was easy to put in btw.  I also love the big straps for ease of carrying and the fact that it took me a day to sew this bag up!  I am so thrilled with the vibrancy of the bag in its entirety.  It screams girly bag to me.  Happy!  Happy!

Inside the pockets are lined with some double fold bias tape and for more sturdiness I took a piece of cardboard and clear masking tape and covered it in more mermaid sweetness. 

Mermaid hiding out at the bottom.  There are 8 pockets total inside.  I though about adding one outside,but I think this will do. 

Each time I look at this bag, I adore it even more!!  Lots of diaper changes will be accomplished in fashion!  (Only about a 1/4 yd left of Out to Sea Mermaids by Sarah Jane :( so I may need to get more for a changing pad while out and about)

 Heirloom Opal in Fuchsia by Joel Dewberry
Out to Sea Mermaid Play in Breeze  by Sarah Jane
Aurifil thread 50 wt and some misc. Hot Pink thread throughout for topstitching

Do you ever finish a project and then go ok now what else did I want to sew??  I did that after I finished this bag yesterday.  I don't know how I could forget what I want to DO yet??!!!!  Once the pregnancy/mama brain came back,  I started on my last, LAST Lucky Stars block for the year!

A heap of solids with a sprinkle of prints here and there are going into my December block. 

After this star, I will be looking out for a post from Elizabeth Dackson on different variations in which to put the whole years worth of stars together in a quilt.  The year has been a great learning experience in paper piecing,but I am ready to move on.  New projects are wanting to "grow my brain" as Ayden says;)

Enjoy some hot chocolate today with lots of marshmallows  k?   :)


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And you, And you,And you!

This is going to be the time I will take to thank ya'll for participating in my little voting extravaganza!!  Ya'll are really helpful,sweet and great thinkers!  I have decided to use #4 for my diaper bag to go along with the Out to Sea Mermaids.

It took me awhile to find this print's designer,but I did it!  I did it! Joel Dewberry's Opal Heirloom will be joining in.  So soon and very soon I hope to start on this bag;)

Random things to share..............................................

In case any of ya'll are curious what a 29 weeks pregnant mama might look like.....................

We are already in December!!!!!!!!!  Yes December which means I have only have a few months left to go!!!!!!  It. has. been. amazing!  I really need to get crackin' on some projects for Jade's room.  I get so overwhelmed with it and then do nothing! Arghhhh....after the diaper bag maybe;)  We need to finish putting her crib together,paint the room, have hubby do a mural on a wall and then I would like some hand embroidered projects on her walls.  I have one to finish up which is the Strawberry girlie from Tasha Horsley.  Another to start which will be her name embroidered and made into a banner.  It's in my head;)  Speaking of letters I also found this.....

Art work pattern courtesy of Alicia Paulson

Doesn't it sing to you?  I am sooooo in love with it.  I gotta make time for this one!!

So you see I have lots swimming around in this head of mine:)

Some of this will have to wait,though as I have a B-day party coming up this weekend for Ayden and there are details to finalize.  I am so excited for him to see everything!!!! Eeeek!  Ayden is turning "6" (he' still my baby!)

Phewwwwweeeee!  Maybe this fabulous Christmas song will calm my brain??!!  Really, though, check out this group of amazing vocalists!!!  Your heart will thank you!

Best wishes for today!


Twinkling Lights

~Bright,warm feelings emerge.~

~Colors that lift the spirit.~



~Memories to create.~ bound in Kona Tomato

quilted in half feather wreaths, straight lines, curved lines in setting diamonds and outlining inside each "ring"

~Cuddle time!~

 ~Snowmen!!~  Aspen Frost by Basic Grey for backing

I present to you ***Twinkling Lights***

Fabric for quilt top Crazy 8 by Sandy Gervais and Kona White